An Overview of Our Flatbed Trailers

When it comes to hauling things that just won’t fit inside a van, flatbed trailers are the best transportation solution for you. At Great Western Transportation, we have many different flatbed trailers that can accommodate many different loads that you’d want to move across the country.

Our drivers and our trailers can handle all the hauling needs of your company. Our flatbed trailers comes in all shapes and sizes and can accommodate things ranging from excavators and forklifts to cranes and generators. For example, our Step Deck Trailers are the best when it comes to hauling any equipment that can be driven. We also offer flatbed trailers that are suitable for loads that are either too wide, too long, or too tall for a trailer van.

In addition to that, our staff and our drivers will ensure that your load is safely secured onto the flatbed trailer and that nothing happens to it when it’s traveling to its destination. If your company needs to haul something that won’t fit in a trailer van, then Great Western Transportation is your best bet as we will provide our decades of experience and knowledge to each and every haul.

If your load meets the requirements of being an oversized load, our drivers and our staff can accommodate that easily as well. With our Removable Gooseneck trailer, we can easily handle any oversized load. We’ll also do all the paperwork that’s necessary when it comes to moving big loads across the country. We’ll also provide the escort vehicle that will follow the truck and its load and ensure that they get to their destination safe and sound.

So long as your destination is in the continental United States and Canada, our trucks and our drivers can do the job. Hauling big things is no easy feat, but our drivers make it seem like it is. With Great Western Transportation, hauling anything across the country is a safe and routine job.

If you want more information about which flatbed trailers to choose or if you want to get a quote today, please contact us.

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The Basics of Our LTL Trucking Service

Less-Than-Truckload trucking (or LTL Trucking for short) is a great service that Great Western Transportation offers. In a nutshell, like the name implies, LTL Trucking is when you have to move something or somethings across the continental United States or Canada and it won’t fill up the entirety of our trailer. Rather than pay to haul a mostly empty trailer, LTL Trucking is therefore a more economical option for hauling goods across the country. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to what our LTL Trucking service offers.

Great Western Transportation offers many services when it comes to LTL Trucking that other transportation services may not offer. Great Western Transportation can also do the sorting and segregating of the goods you want to transport on our LTL trucks. We can also do the palletizing and shrink wrapping of those goods if you want us to. On top of that, we also offer distribution and warehousing services for the goods in our LTL trucks. Not many other transportation services offer these perks, but Great Western Transportation does.

Our LTL Trucking services can haul several types of trailers too, and they each can accommodate different types of products and goods. Our refrigerated LTL Trucking service for example can handle the transportation of things that need to be kept cool across the country. So long as your load weighs less than 30,000 pounds, the knowledgeable and experienced staff and drivers of Great Western Transportation can help you put your goods on our trucks and haul them across the country to wherever you so choose. If you’re not sure what type of service you’ll need, Great Western Transportation can help you figure that out too.

So if you’re looking for a great and economical option to haul some goods across the country, be sure to contact Great Western Transportation today to learn more about what services we offer.

September 4, 2019 | | Category: LTL

Building a Bridge? No Problem!

Whether you’re constructing a bridge in Miami, Florida or Sacramento, California, you’ll need a company like Great Western Transportation to haul your bridge beams from wherever they’re manufactured all the way to the build site of the bridge itself. Our expert truckers have years of experience in Heavy Haul Trucking and they will work with you and your company to efficiently and economically haul your construction material to wherever in the continental United States or Canada that you need it to go.

Our knowledgeable and veteran truckers will effortlessly set up and haul your oversized loads in no time. Whether it’s bridge beams or the construction equipment that you need on the build site, our truckers have the skill and ability to do the job. Our truckers also have the equipment necessary to move your bridge construction equipment in a safe and timely manner, no matter the distance, so long as it’s in the continental United States and Canada.

Great Western Transportation will also provide all the other legally required assets necessary to haul a overweight or oversized load across the country. Many states and many counties have their own permit requirements for hauling such loads and so our trucks and our drivers will handle such paperwork as well as get the best route possible to move your bridge building equipment as fast and as safely as possible.

Many places will also require an escort vehicle to accompany the truck as it’s hauling the oversized load and we’ll provide that as well. So if your company is building a bridge in the continental United States or Canada, be sure to use Great Western Transportation to ensure a fast and safe logistics chain for your operation.

Be sure to contact us today for a quote or if you have any other questions about our Heavy Haul Trucking service.

August 28, 2019 | | Category: Heavy Haul

How to Solve the Logistical Headaches of Heavy Haul Trucking

Heavy Haul Trucking, or trucking that involves the hauling of loads that meet the definition of being an oversized load, is no easy feat. Getting the load onto the trailer may be the easiest part of the whole journey, as legally speaking, there are many other considerations when it comes to hauling heavy loads. However, all that headache and stress can be avoided simply by hiring Great Western Transportation.

The government has a lot of laws and regulations about hauling heavy loads. Most of these laws are actually state and local laws, and so they can change depending on the route that the truck and its load takes. These regulations are related to many aspects of the haul, such as how tall the load is, how wide the load is, how heavy the load is, etc.

At Great Western Transportation, our expert team will handle all of that legal work for you. No matter where in the continental United States or Canada that your load will need a permit, we’ll get one. If the government demands that your load have an escort vehicle follow it around, we’ll provide one too. In addition to that, we’ll also handle everything else in relation to the haul.

We’ll ensure that it’s securely strapped onto the trailer so that it remains safe throughout the journey. We’ll also provide any additional equipment that’s necessary to safely transport your load. Our drivers are professionals and they’ll haul your loads quickly and with the utmost care. When you choose Great Western Transportation to haul your oversized loads, you’ll rest easy as you’re guaranteed that your load will reach its destination safely and on time.

If you or your company needs to move something that’s considered oversized or overweight, please contact us today for a quote. We also offer other hauling services for smaller loads as well!

August 19, 2019 | | Category: Heavy Haul

We’ll Haul Your Construction Equipment

If you’ve just finished a build or a job at a certain location and need to haul your construction equipment elsewhere in the continental United States or Canada, Great Western Transportation is the company for you. Our experienced and knowledgeable drivers will use their expertise to quickly and efficiently haul your construction equipment or other heavy loads across the country.

Our drivers and their trucks can handle a great many heavy or overweight loads. We’ve hauled construction equipment ranging from bulldozers and excavators to crane trucks and crawler lifts. If you have construction equipment, our drivers can safely and securely haul it on their trucks and move it to your desired destination, so long as it’s in the continental United States or Canada.

In addition to that, Great Western Transportation and its drivers are veteran operators in the trucking and transportation business, and we’ll handle all the paperwork associated with moving a heavy load across the country. This paperwork and extra logistical work include the permits necessary to haul heavy loads across various states, which we and our truckers have. It’ll also include having an escort vehicle that will drive along with the truck to ensure the safety of the public and the security of the equipment that’s being hauled, and we’ll provide that escort vehicle and escort driver as well.

No matter the construction equipment you or your company need hauled across the country, Great Western Transportation can accommodate it and haul it in a timely manner. Our drivers have years of experience transporting construction equipment of all shapes and sizes and they can haul almost anything you need them to haul. So if you or your company is interested in our transportation services, please feel free to contact us today if you have a question or for a quote.

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The 5 Stages of Transporting Heavy Machinery

Heavy machinery, whether for construction jobs or manufacturing purposes, is delicate and should be handled with extreme care. At Great Western Transportation, we understand how great an investment heavy machinery is. This is why we go the extra mile to keep your investment safe and in good condition during transportation. We do this by adhering to our five stages of transporting heavy machinery

  • Stage 1: Planning

Before we set out to transport any heavy machinery, we like creating a clear picture of what is expected during the process. This is what our planning stage is all about as well as analyzing the heavy machinery requirements and addressing expected transportation challenges.

  • Stage 2: Selecting The Suitable Transport Vehicle

Depending on the characteristics of the heavy machinery being transported, we will find the most suitable vehicle for transportation. Our wide range of flatbed trucks, heavy haul trucks, and special trucks provides us with exactly what we need.

  •  Stage 3: Noting Heavy Machinery’s Important Data

After finding the most suitable vehicle to transport heavy machinery, the next step is to understand the heavy machinery being transported. We note down all crucial data such as the dimensions and weight to ensure that it is handled properly when being transferred onto the transport vehicle.

  •  Stage 4: Securing Cargo

This is the most significant safety precaution we take when it comes to transporting heavy machinery. We ensure that after the cargo is loaded on to the transport vehicle, it is appropriately secured before any journey begins.

  • Stage 5: Legal Requirements Compliance

Before any heavy machinery transportation journey is approved and released, all legal requirements must have been met. We ensure that our transportation process is in line with all requirements, and no laws are violated from the state of origin to destination.

With over 100+ years of combined experience in transporting heavy machinery, we guarantee an exceptional experience. Contact us today to have your heavy machinery transported.

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What Is Power Only Trucking, and How it Works

Many people wonder what is power only trucking, and how does it work. Many companies have their own loaded trailers, but no drivers or trucks to transport them to their destination. When you hire a company for power only trucking, they provide the truck and driver to haul your trailer and cargo to where it needs to be. Power only trucking is available for many different loads and locations. Power only trucking can be designed to cater to your business, without you having to worry about the logistics.

Power only trucking is an increasingly popular way to transport goods and equipment across the country. This is partly due to the fact that it is not economical for many companies to own their own trucks and hire their own drivers, due to the large costs associated with each. It is even popular with companies that own their own trucks because often times they don’t have a truck or certified driver available when needed, so they hire a power only company to take care of it.

Power only trucking is designed to fit your needs and your trailers needs. In order to work for all customers the trucks utilize an adjustable fifth wheel hitch that can accommodate many different trailer sizes and types. Power only trucking can be used for flatbed trailers, tanker trailers, dry van and refrigerated van trailers, shipping containers, heavy equipment, e.t.c. Different size trucks are available as well as oversize load hauling to transport even the heaviest loads. In order to get the best service, it is best to know the specifications of your trailer and cargo, before setting up a truck and driver to best suit your needs.

It is often hard for smaller companies and even larger companies to find reliable, certified drivers that can haul their cargo on time and safely. When you hire a power only trucking company you are hiring professionals and are ensuring that your cargo is hauled by a certified driver. If you are looking for power only trucking, or any other type of trucking service, contact us at Great Western Transportation.

July 23, 2019 | | Category: General, Power Only Trucking

Need to Haul Solar Panels Across the Country?

Solar energy is all the rage when it comes to home utilities. People from across the continental United States and Canada are looking to install solar panels on their roofs and elsewhere on their household. So whether you’re a solar power company in New York or Vancouver, you might be wondering how you’re going to haul solar panels from where they’re made all the way to where you need to install them. The answer is Great Western Transportation.

When it comes to hauling solar panels, we know how to do it right. With our Flatbed Trucking service, our drivers are able to safely haul solar panels from wherever they’re made in the U.S. to anywhere else in the continental United States or Canada that they’re needed in. Our flatbed trailers are the best option when it comes to hauling something as delicate as solar panels, and they’re also the best way to move a lot of them too.

By choosing Great Western Transportation, you’re also choosing safety and security in our experience and knowledge. Our drivers and staff will secure all the solar panels onto the flatbed trailers with the necessary straps and other equipment to ensure a safe journey. Depending on the type of flatbed trailer that you choose, the haul may be considered an oversized load, and our veteran drivers can deal with that too.

In such an event, our drivers will have all the necessary permits to haul the oversized load and we will even provide the escort vehicle and driver that’s legally required in some states and they will work to further ensure that the journey goes smoothly. So by choosing Great Western Transportation when it comes to hauling your solar panels, you’re choosing our guarantee that your solar panels will be at its destination, safe and sound.

If you have any questions about our Flatbed Trucking service or if you want to get a quote now, please contact us!

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