Shipping Construction Equipment: What Options Do You Have?

Shipping construction equipment is a unique transport process that comes with its fair share of challenges. Almost all construction equipment is oversized, over-dimensional, and overweight to be transported by standard trucking.

This is why it is imperative to choose the right company to transport your construction equipment. And while an ideal transportation company should help you select the best-suited trailer for shipping your construction equipment, knowing what to expect comes in handy.

When shipping construction equipment, you have the following options in trailers:

i). Removable Gooseneck Trailer (RGN)

A detachable front characterizes a removable gooseneck trailer. When the front is detached, the trailer drops to the ground, thus creating a ramp. Construction equipment to be shipped should fit in the following dimensions:

  • Maximum weight – 100,000+ lbs
  • Well width – 8.5 ft
  • Legal height limit – 11.6 ft
  • Main deck length – 29 ft

ii). Double Drop Trailer

A double drop trailer has a lower deck height and a lower center of gravity. This is why it is the best option for shipping construction equipment that is very tall. A double drop trailer will have an upper deck in the front and back with the middle, often referred to as the “well,” dipping below the trailer axis. Construction equipment to be shipped should fit in the following dimensions:

  • Maximum weight – 45,000+ lbs
  • Legal height limit – 11.5ft
  • Well length – 29 ft
  • Front deck length – 10ft
  • Rear deck length – 9ft
  • Maximum width – 8.5 ft

  iii). Step Deck Trailer

Step-deck trailers are characterized by two deck levels; the lower deck, which comes about after clearing of the tractor unit, and the upper deck. Ramps and forklifts mostly facilitate loading and unloading construction equipment on step deck trailers. Construction equipment to be shipped should fit in the following dimensions:

  • Maximum weight – 48,000+ lbs
  • Maximum width – 8.5 ft
  • Lower deck length – 37 ft
  • Upper deck length – 11 ft
  • Lower deck height – 10.5 ft
  • Upper deck height – 8.5 ft

iv). Standard Flatbed Trailer

The lack of sides and roof characterizes flatbed trailers. This makes it ideal for shipping construction equipment as loading and offloading is done from the top, sides, or behind. Construction equipment to be shipped should fit in the following dimensions:

  • Maximum weight – 48,000+ lbs
  • Maximum width – 8.5 ft
  • Maximum height – 8.5 ft
  • Maximum length – 53 ft

 For whichever construction equipment you need transported, there is a suitable trailer available. And at Great Western Transportation, we will go the extra mile in ensuring your construction equipment is shipped safely and efficiently. To ship your construction equipment with the experts, contact us today.

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5 Reasons Transporting Heavy Machinery Should be Left to the Experts

Every day thousands of pieces of equipment are moved from job site to job site, in order to keep the world running smoothly. It takes well trained, knowledgeable professionals to haul this equipment all across the U.S.A. When amateurs attempt to move this large machinery, disasters can happen. Here are 5 reasons why large machinery should be transported by professional truck drivers.

  1. Safety Large machinery can weigh hundreds of thousands of pounds, combine this with moving 60MPH+ down the highway, and disasters can happen really fast. Professional truck drivers know how to handle this weight safely and are always on the lookout for malfunctions to prevent catastrophic failures.
  2. Costs It does not make financial sense for most construction, and other heavy machinery companies, to own their own trucks and trailer, as well as hiring drivers and paying for hefty insurance fees to haul their equipment. It makes much more financial sense to hire a professional company, such as Great Western Transportation, to move it for them.
  3. Efficiency Anybody in business knows that time is money. It’s only common sense that a professional company that specializes in moving large machinery, will be able to transport your piece of heavy equipment faster and more efficient then an amateur can.
  4. Avoiding Damage to Machinery With unprofessional haulers your machinery is at risk to dents and dings, or possibly worse. We know your machinery cost you a lot of money and that’s why Great Western Transportation treats every piece of equipment like it was our own.
  5. Piece of Mind  There is no better feeling than knowing your machinery is in safe, capable hands and will reach its destination without incident. This leaves you to keep your mind on more important things to your business. Instead of constantly worrying when, and if, your equipment will reach your destination, you can feel safe and assured it will be there when you need it the most.

Any smart business man will tell you, that hiring the right professionals to do a job is as important task as anything. If you need your heavy equipment transported by well-trained, experienced professionals, contact us at Great Western Transportation.

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Is Dry Freight Trucking For You?

When it comes to moving cargo across the USA and Canada, there are several trucking methods to select from. And at Great Western Transportation, we provide all of them. For freight that requires to be transported in a temperature-controlled enclosure to arrive at its destination in good condition, we recommend Refrigerated shipping as the best option.

For cargo that is not of the standard trailer size and that does not require enclosure when transporting our experts will advise on flatbed transportation as the most suitable. And for shipments that are too wide, too heavy or too tall to be accommodated by any other trucking option, our heavy haul trucking option will have you sorted.

But what about transporting cargo that comes in standard cargo size, that needs to be enclosed but does not require to be temperature-controlled? What freight transportation method should you be looking at? We suggest Dry Freight Trucking, and here is why:


When it comes to transporting cargo, the guarantee that in the process of moving from point A to point B nothing will be lost or damaged is paramount. And with our dry shipping trucks fully equipped with chains, straps and load bars to secure and brace freight, we can guarantee the safety of your shipment against damage or theft.


The list of cargo that can be accommodated and transported by our dry shipping trucks is extensive and limitless. From furniture collections, building materials to all forms of non-perishable foods, we can move them from one location to another anywhere in the USA and Canada.


With dry freight trucking, the hassle of loading and unloading cargo can sometimes be avoided. We make this possible through our drop and hook load mode of trailers for dry shipping. We simply drop our empty trailer and hook up your already loaded trailer. No need to unload from your trailer to load onto ours. This way we get on the road sooner and your cargo get to the destination in good time.

One last thing…

You don’t have to have a Full Truckload to outsource our dry freight trucking services; we handle Less than truckload (LTL) shipments too. Contact us today and have all your transportation needs addressed and get expert advice on the best trucking solution for your load.

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How Can You Find The Heavy Haul Trucking Provider That Meets Your Needs?

Eventually, there will come a time when you will need heavy hauling services. Fortunately, there will be many heavy hauling transportation services for you to choose from. Heavy hauling companies will have many key similarities, but they will also have a variety of key differences. It is important that you make sure your choice of heavy hauling companies will include one that offers the products, services, and equipment you need to complete your project.

Heavy Hauling Services

When you have a project that requires the services that a heavy haul transportation service provides, we encourage you to do more than seek a transportation provider that will offer only heavy haul trucking. When you partner with a transportation provider that offers multiple services you will find that your project will be completed sooner. Heavy hauling and regional areas and local areas will provide you with the opportunity to have the project completed in town or outside of town. Some transportation services will also provide cargo services that will be able to control cargo going in and out of various areas.

Fulfilling Compliance Standards

After you have decided that the company you are considering does have the services you need to fulfill the job, it is important that you take the proper steps to ensure your company will not be placed in harm’s way. You will need to ensure that the transportation service you are considering meets the compliance regulations and standards.

Heavy haul trucking is regulated in the United States, as it should be. Before you take the leap of faith and work with a transportation service, we encourage you to ask questions about their standards and how compliant they are. It is important that you know if they are actually working to meet those standards that are obligated to fulfill.

The transportation service will be required to have different types of permits that allow them to carry the type of goods and equipment that you need to be transported. If you do not ensure that the transportation service is meeting those standards, your equipment and your company could be at risk.

It is also important to remember that the transportation service will have to do more than meet compliance standards. Yes, meeting compliance standards is important, but following the proper safety measures is also important. The transportation service should be willing to explain their safety measures and the process they take to ensure your equipment, goods, cargo, etc. are protected.

Solid Communication

If you are considering working with a transportation service provider but you are having a difficult time reaching someone from the company, this could be a warning sign that you should move on to the next one on your list. If you cannot reach someone to have your questions answered during your research phase, this could be a sign that things will continue to be this way later down the line.

You need to partner with a service provider that offers great customer service and reliable communication. When the transportation service provider offers quick and reliable communication, you will have the peace of mind that the company will be there whenever you need them. It should not matter what stage you are in during the project, you should always be able to have your concerns addressed.

Not every heavy haul trucking company will have all the attributes you need to help you fulfill your obligations, and this is why it is important to ensure the heavy hauling company is a perfect fit for you.

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Benefits of Time-sensitive Expedited Shipping

Time-sensitive expedited shipping reduces instances of damaged or lost goods. For shipment that includes valuable goods, such a guarantee is necessary and ensures timely delivery. Some of the reasons why you should use expedited shipping include:

Acquiring Extra Liability

Legally, a service that provides third-party logistics or a carrier has access to the shipment’s value. Although you may prefer not to disclose this information to another party, it is necessary for the carrier or logistics service to know the amount of liability required. This reduces misunderstandings when goods are damaged or lost while in transit.

Choosing a Carrier

Extensive research and considering all factors is required when selecting the most suitable carrier. Cost alone should not be a determining factor; an affordable carrier may not have the capacity or motivation to handle goods with optimum care. Generally, the main qualities to look for include performance report, a variety of shipping methods, and careful transportation of high-value merchandise.

Quicker Transportation

Having high-value shipments reach their destination in a shorter period is the priority of most freight customers. Expedited shipping services can reduce the transit time and guarantee the safety of freight. One of the main benefits of shorter transit time is minimal human contact with shipment and, therefore, enhanced safety. Many freight companies are now making this possible by utilizing autonomous delivery.

Scheduled Transportation

Expedited shipping companies allow their clients to set the pickup and delivery time. Such firms are also known to provide guaranteed delivery  and End of Day delivery services. Because of the time-sensitive nature of their services, the companies are able to prioritize and give absolute attention to the shipments. Cargo owners are able to make more predictable plans about their business, while also enjoying peace of mind. Other companies have integrated live tracking and notification into their time-sensitive delivery service. This gives a planning and storage edge to businesses that handle time-sensitive goods.

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5 Steps for Shipping Construction Equipment Safely

Wondering how you’re going to ship your heavy construction equipment safely? Well, there are many ways transportation of heavy bulldozers, and other construction equipment can go wrong without proper planning. But, by ensuring the necessary measures you can have a much safer and seamless shipping process.

Follow these 5 simple steps to ensure the safe shipping of your construction equipment:


The first step to having a smooth transit of your construction equipment is determining the exact dimensions of your equipment. Don’t rely on the manufacturer’s specs instead; gather the correct dimensions by measuring the equipment’s height, width, and length.

For the machinery’s weight, you can check from the user manual provided. Then you need to include the weight of all the attachments to obtain the exact weight.


Once you’ve obtained the right dimensions of your equipment, you can select your preferred transportation trailer. Your choice of the type and size of trailer to use should be based on factors like parts that require dismantling, the size of the cargo, and ease of loading and offloading.

Your shipping company, however, should help you choose the most suitable trailer for the job. This will prevent choosing a trailer that’s either overly small or too big for your equipment.


Next, you need to prepare the equipment for shipping. Proper preparation may require you collect valuable information on the manual.

The manual should include specific instructions on how to disconnect batteries, securing loose parts, emptying engine fluids, and even latching doors closed. This way, you can break the different parts of your equipment down into loads that fit on a trailer.


To ensure the safe transit of your equipment, you need to cover vulnerable parts such as the fuel tanks and smokestacks. This helps protect your machinery from factors such as harsh weather conditions. Then, secure the covering tightly to prevent it from getting blown off during transit.


Lastly, you’ll need to obtain a shipping permit for any overweight and oversize cargo. This is a crucial step as cargo that exceeds the required dimensional limits by the state may demand special handling. Also, depending on the size of your cargo, you may need special offloading equipment such as ramps, cranes, and loading docks.

Are you planning to transport your construction equipment but don’t know where to start? Contact us today for a safe, timely, and professional shipping of your machinery.

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Choosing the Right Company for Transporting Heavy Machinery

Moving heavy machinery for construction and manufacturing jobs is a highly daunting and complicated task. This is simply because it demands careful handling, shipping, and unloading of the heavy equipment. Thus, you need to hire professional transporters to minimize the risk of potential damage to your costly equipment during transit.

Beyond checking the company’s experience, here are other factors you should consider when choosing the right transporting company:


The first step to choosing the right company for transporting heavy equipment is coming up with a budget. Ask the various companies how much they’ll charge to get the job done. Then, based on the quotations you’ll receive, narrow down your options to two or three companies that are within your budget.


Next, you need to confirm the credibility of these companies. Credible companies will typically offer you excellent services. One of the best ways to confirm a company’s credibility is by visiting the website of each company. A reputable company should ideally have many positive reviews from their previous clients.

If a company doesn’t have online reviews, you can request them for personal references from their present or previous clients. Gather enough information about a company’s services from the contacts provided. You can then shortlist some companies based on the information you’ve collected.


Check whether the companies you’ve shortlisted are insured and licensed to operate. Transporting heavy machinery has potential risks, and you don’t want to work with a company that doesn’t have the necessary certification to operate.

Working with an insured company ensures that you remain covered against any losses that may occur during transit. For that reason, make sure that your shortlisted companies can provide you with cargo insurance.


Efficient moving of heavy construction machinery doesn’t only mean being fast and timely, but also ensuring safety and transparency throughout the entire process. Enquire about the safety measures they’ve put in place and how they plan to manage your shipment. Get also to know their workplace safety procedures for those who will be involved in the project.


Are you looking for a reputable transporting company of your heavy equipment? Check out our website for the best transportation services for heavy machinery.

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How Does Power Only Trucking Work?

As you read this, many shipments are being loaded and unloaded across the state. All the same, what can you do if you have loaded your trailer, and yet you don’t have a driver or truck to move the shipment from point A to point B? Well, this is where you would need power only trucking services. But what does power only trucking mean? Well, a driver and truck are hired to help you transport your products and trailer to the desired destination. Besides, you can have your pick from a team of drivers, though this will depend on your logistical needs.

Move Large Cargo with Ease

Most people often ask, can a power only truck suit different trailer combinations? Well, by utilizing an adjustable wheel, these trucks can adequately fit the specific dimensions of your trailer. If you have a large weight load, both four-axle units and standard axle units can suit your particular needs. However, it is essential to know specifications such as your weight and load to help you find the right power only truck that works best for you. Essentially, this is an excellent service for shipping companies that want to move urgent cargo.

Experienced Drivers

More so, power only trucks facilitate the movement of cargo on shipping containers, flatbed trailers, refrigerated vans, tank trailers, and dry van trailers. In such cases, drivers and companies may be chosen depending on the kind of cargo you want to transport. Also, you will get drivers with extensive experience in transporting large cargo.

Hence, allowing you to enjoy your peace of mind, as the experts manage your shipment with precision through an end-to-end array of cargo transit and logistics support systems that avail cutting-edge cargo transportation analytics and monitoring technology.

Great Western Transportation offers you their operational infrastructure, market professionalism, and carrier relations. Thus, enabling you to scale the heights of the supply chain with ease. If you need to move something bulky, contact us today for a quote.

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