Continued: Traits You Want to See in Flatbed Trucking Drivers

We’re continuing our discussion from late last month on the best traits for trucking drivers. Companies needing hauling know that the driver is the most important cog in the wheel of getting freight or machinery or chilled items from here to there. When the first trucks came out of the auto industry in the early 1900’s, it was the drivers who made them viable, who fixed them en route, who became masters of road types and terrains and the can-do spirit we see and look for in today’s drivers.

Today, of course, long or short hauling with flatbeds or heavy hauling or refrigerated units is a different beast than 120 years ago. Yet, the driver as an industrious, smart, wanting-to-learn-more, doing the job right kind of man or woman is still the poster person of the industry. The trucks are important, and powerful, and high tech, but it’s the drivers who make it all go as it should—with safety, skills, smoothness and delivery responsibility.

Below are more traits in drivers we work with here at Great Western Transportation.

Pride in Work: Freight on the road has a look, a look of being well tended, professionally secured, responsibly tidy, or not. The best drivers are proud of their work and work product. They know every load reflects on them for the work they’ve done or the work they signed off on. When there’s pride in work in action by men or women drivers, there’s far less chance of loss of reputation, damage or other untoward circumstances.

The Adventure of the Open Road: Flatbed hauling or heavy haul trucking are jobs of many moving parts, many of them out in the open, on the road. Situations, conditions and weather can change on a dime. In fast changing open road situations, you want drivers that possess the sense of adventure to look at challenges as opportunities to bring all their can-do spirit and expertise to bear in solving the challenges. Get out of the cab, get geared up and solve the problem whether it’s personally or getting the right people out to do it. These are the kinds of drivers we work with – adventurous natured.

November 10, 2022 | | Category: Flatbed, General, Heavy Haul