The Traits You Want to See in Flatbed Trucking Drivers

Flatbed Trucking Drivers

There are three critically important parts to superb flatbed trucking services across the country, no matter where you live. These are a very competent driver, well maintained and monitored flatbed hauling rigs, and an excellent management team overseeing the sum of all the parts. This is our driving (pun) philosophy at Great Western Transportation.

In terms of actual tires on the road and goods moving, the most important element is the driver. He or she is responsible for all the details of the truck, the load and pickup, following the rules of the road, driving the route and taking care of whatever comes along, and the delivery – all of this on time.

Here at Great Western Transportation our drivers are very important. And they meet certain criteria and exhibit qualities that we feel our customers should know about.

So, what are the qualities of a good flatbed rig driver?

Decision making and Initiative: the ability to take initiative in all occasions and events on the run. This is from decision making to a calm confidence and taking on the job that needs to be done.

Expertise: from the actual driving to securing the freight to effective communication to all the personnel involved in each run; from knowing how to manage their time on the run to personal alertness and conscientiousness.

To be continued in the next blog…

October 28, 2022 | | Category: Flatbed