Tips for Shipping Your Construction Equipment Successfully

The process of shipping heavy construction equipment is a hard task as it requires one to give the cargo details correctly to the shipping industry. The use of shipping services has proven to be advantageous to many industries. Before you start planning on how to ship your construction equipment you need to take into consideration a few factors. Here are some of the essential facts you should be aware of.

1. Determine Your Equipment’s Exact Dimensions

The shipping company you will work with requires the exact measurements. Some states call for oversize permits for machinery such as dozers which are wider than eight-feet and six inches tall. Measure the exact dimensions of your equipment, especially the width, height, and length. The manufacturer’s specifications won’t be of much help. Use your measurements and add the weight of any additional attachments. You can let your transport representative help you determine whether the dimensions of your machinery met the regulations of the state you will travel to.

2. Prepare The Machinery for Shipping

A shipping company handles things such as strapping down the load and ensure it is secured properly. It is not responsible for preparing the machinery itself for the transport process. Avoid exposing the stack to reduce the chances of debris falling in the smokestack of the dozer during the shipping process. Lastly, secure the doors tightly by zip-tying them shut to prevent chances of strong wind unlocking them by force. It is your responsibility as the owner to handle this, to make sure that the cargo does not get damaged.

3. Choose a Reputable Shipping Company

As a customer looking for quality services you should look for the following; Expertise in the field, customer reviews and the company’s licensing. Ask for referrals from a few other professional industries and know the services offered. Avoid working with a shipping company that cannot present proper proof of insurance and licensing policy.

A competent shipping company that is well versed with your needs can ship your construction equipment safely. Avoid the hustle of having a checklist by choosing a firm with a good reputation.

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Transporting Heavy Machinery or Dry Goods? We Have The Services You Need

As one of the leading transportation services, Great Western Transportation offers a variety of transportation options and other services for businesses like yours. With the variety of transportation services we offer, we are sure to meet any need you may have including moving heavy machinery for construction jobs and manufacturing and transporting LTL shipments.

At Great Western Transportation, our range of transportation services also include:

  • Heavy Haul Trucking: With this transportation service, we are able to transport heavy machinery and other equipment that may be overweight for other transportation methods.


  • Flatbed Trucking: With this transportation service, we are able to transport special materials or equipment that are considered overweight or too wide, but can still be transported legally. Flatbed trucking is often used to move time-sensitive shipments and construction materials.


  • Dry Freight Trucking: When dry freight trucking is used as the preferred transportation method, we will be able to successfully transport a variety of shipments using LTL or FTL trucking.

We take pride in being able to offer a transportation service that can transport a variety of shipments based on the unique needs of clients all over the world. Our transportation services are available for the following shipments(and more):

  • Heavy equipment and machinery
  • Loads that are considered oversized
  • Construction and building materials
  • Steel equipment

We understand how important it is to have a legal and safe transport, regardless of the shipping method that has been selected. It does not matter if we are transporting using Power Only Trucking, LTL Trucking, or Flatbed Trucking, we are able to transport goods and equipment in a timely manner at a price you can afford.

If you have simple or complex transportation needs that need to be met, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time to find out about the services we can offer you.

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Choosing The Right Shipping Method

When we look up the word “choice” in the dictionary, the word is defined as “the act of choosing: the act of picking or deciding between two or more possibilities”. By choice, you have made your way through some of the biggest challenges you have faced in your industry. One of the toughest challenges you may have had to endure in your business is the transport of goods.

With the constant demands of goods, heavy equipment, supplies, and more, it can be difficult to determine what type of transportation service you will need for each instance. Fortunately, there are ways to determine what type of transportation service will be suitable for each situation.

LTL Trucking

If you are looking to transport any type of goods and supplies across the globe but you do not need to use an entire trailer, LTL(Less than Truck Load) shipping can be at the top of your list. The specifications on an LTL freight trailer will allow your transportation carrier to transport numerous LTL shipments by means of one truck. The LTL freight trailer specifications will also allow you to meet all the needs of your customers and transport the goods to the destination.

Dry Freight

Dry freight, dry van, etc. trucking will be covered trailers that have a flat deck. A dry freight or dry van trailer is one of the most used types of trailer shipments. This type of trucking is beneficial for those who need to transport goods that are fragile and need special care. If you need to transport goods that need to be stored in crates or containers, dry freight trucking should be one of the options you consider. This type of trucking can also be the number one option when you need to transport goods that are experiencing periods of thunderstorms that bring heavy rain.

Full Truckload(FTL)

When you need to transport goods that will occupy the entire trailer, FTL trucking will be a reliable option. FTL trucking will consist of shipments that are large in weight and/or large in volume. The shipment’s weight limit will be proportional to the vehicle’s weight, in addition to the laws and regulations that have been established.

When it is time to decide on the right type of transportation service for your shipment of goods, equipment, supplies, etc., what choice will you make?

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There Is Still A Demand For Flatbed Trucking

After another strong finish in 2019, we expect that the demand for flatbed shipping will increase in 2020. There are still changes taking place on the supply and demand side of flatbed trucking. Flatbed trucking has been known for its trends and shifts, whether those trends and shifts are seasonal, recurrent, or both.

Flatbed shipping is also known for its variety when it comes to the market it caters to and its demographics. Those who have used flatbed trucking often in the past are aware of the complexities that can occur in the industry. Operating any type of business will mean you are likely to run into a few challenges along the way.

Not only are you responsible for controlling costs, ensuring your employees are satisfied and productive, providing excellent customer service, following the regulations that are related to your industry and your business, and maximizing profits. We understand how difficult it can be for you to make sure you have everything you need to run an effective and efficient business.

This can be where transportation services come into the picture. The right transportation service can ensure every aspect of your transportation responsibilities is operating at its highest capacity in 2020 and beyond.

It does not matter what the size of your company may be and what type of time-sensitive shipments or equipment you need to be transported, you can save time and money with flatbed trucking. Our team of experts will create a route that will ensure your inventory will be transported at high efficiency. Your equipment will be loaded onto the flatbed trucks, regardless of how tricky or challenging the shipment may seem.

With the demand for flatbed trucking rising and the various trends that take place in this industry, we believe that this type of transportation will be around for a very long time, including through the seasons that many would not expect to use flatbed shipping. If you need helping to make your way through the flatbed shipping maze, please do not hesitate to reach out to Great Western Transportation.

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Shipping Construction Equipment With A Transportation Provider

If you have any involvement with the shipment of construction equipment or any other heavy equipment, the chances are high that you have a significant amount of money invested in your ventures. It does not matter what type of equipment you need to be transported or what they will be used for, you want to make sure the shipment arrives on time and in great condition.

When you partner with a transportation service that has a full understanding of how to address and fulfill your needs, you will discover that you will have a better chance of achieving the type of successful outcomes you aim for each time you ship your equipment.

The Size of Your Equipment

When selecting a transportation provider for construction equipment shipping, we encourage you to know all the specifications of the construction equipment you need to transport. You will need to know all the specifications of your equipment, such as the size and weight of the equipment. When you are able to determine the specifics of the equipment, you will be able to address some of the following concerns:

  • Will any parts need to be taken apart before the equipment can be safely transported?
  • Will it be cost-effective to take apart some of the components?
  • Will you need to remove any outlets, batteries, etc.?

The Shipping Process

After you have addressed some of your main questions, it will be important to communicate with the transportation provider to determine if the provider knows how to transport larger items. Some of the questions you will need to have answered include the following:

  • What transportation method will be used to ship your equipment?
  • Will your shipping equipment be able to withstand any hazards that may occur on the roads?
  • Will your equipment need special coverings to protect it during the transport?

Some construction equipment requires permits before they can be shipped. This is another reason why it is important to speak to the transportation provider ahead of time so you will have everything you need about the shipping process. It is important to work with the transportation provider ahead of time so the permits can be secured and so there will be no surprise delays or complications.

To ensure that your construction equipment is transported safely at all times, we encourage you to partner with transportation providers that specialize in the shipment of construction equipment.

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Transporting Heavy Machinery Can Be A Simple Process

Are you preparing to ship heavy equipment or heavy machinery from various locations across the United States in 2020? If you are, a transportation service should be part of your foundation. Across the United States, you will find a network of reliable and effective heavy machinery and heavy equipment transportation services who will ensure the job is completed the right way.

Heavy machinery and heavy equipment transportation services will give you every opportunity to fulfill your shipments in a quick and safe manner. It will not matter how complex a load may be, a transportation service will be able to handle the job. Some of the heavy machinery that can be transported using a transportation service includes the following:

  • cranes
  • drills
  • power belts
  • engines for automotive vehicles
  • farm equipment
  • tractors
  • forklifts

If you found that shipping and transporting heavy machinery or equipment was difficult for you in 2019, you can find greater success with a transportation service. With the system that a transportation service uses, shipping heavy machinery will be a straightforward and flawless process. Before anything can be transported, it is important that you determine what type of trailer will be used to transport the equipment.

When you have an idea of what type of trailer will be a better fit for the equipment you need to transport, Sometimes parts of the machinery will need to be removed in order for equipment to be transported safely. When you have an idea of what type of trailer will need to be used, you will be able to start the process of preparing your heavy machinery or equipment to be transported.

Pieces of the equipment will need to be positioned properly so the length of height will not be negatively impacted. If there is anything on the equipment or machinery that will make you oversized, those pieces and attachments should be removed. In many states, it is against the law the ship machinery with specific pieces attached.

If the heavy machinery you want to transport can be classified as an oversized load, you will need to use lights or signs to indicate the oversized load. Your transportation service provider will be able to assist you in determining the rules for the states your machinery will pass through. When the time is right for you to find a reliable transportation service, just contact Great Western Transportation and we will help you get started.

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3 Tips for Transporting Heavy Equipment

When moving heavy machinery, ensure that they are stored properly to prevent damage and mechanical problems. It pays to hire skilled transporters to avoid extra costs and other issues. In addition to examining the experience of the company, here are some tips that will help you transport heavy equipment with comfort.

Tip #1: Prepare the Equipment’s for Transport

The transportation company is not accountable for preparing the equipment to be moved, organize the equipment to prevent damage. When preparing the interior, ensure the buttons, knobs, and levers are safe from damage. For added protection, use a bubble wrap for delicate interior components.

Tip #2: Choose a Reliable Company

Pick a skilled transportation company to avoid spending extra cash. Enquire from other industries on the services they have used and what their experience was. Check online for customer reviews to see if the prospective transportation company has a reliable track record. Avoid working with a company that does not have proof of insurance and license. You can also inquire from the potential partner about the type of insurance it carries, federal licensing, and its state.

Tip #3: Avoid Wide-load Designations

Some equipment such as crawlers, scrapers, and wheel loaders may require an extra permit and cash if your state classifies them as wide load. However, you can ship the equipment wisely and avoid spending extra cash by removing or retracting a tall boom from an excavator or crane to avoid designating the equipment as a wide load. You can also reduce the weight of the equipment and cut the costs by removing accessories and attachment. Ultimately, budget some extra cash for added permits if you have to transport an oversized load.

Contact us if you are looking for more information on how to move your heavy equipment. We are a reputable company that offers top-notch services for heavy machinery.

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Moving Heavy Machinery Through Heavy Haul Trucking

Generally, a heavy hauler is a carrier or transporter for heavy loads that cannot be transported through other means. A business should look for the provider that will offer them the best services. A business should also find the best transportation service that will provide better stability and a better balance.

There are several factors that will need to be considered when it is time for you to prepare to ship heavy equipment. The important factors you will need to consider can range from the type of services your potential transportation service provider offers to the type of heavy haulers you will need for a successful transport.

When it is time for you to choose a heavy hauler, one of the things you should determine is if the transportation service provider you are considering offers the heavy haulers that will be able to haul the heavy equipment you need to have transported from one location to the next. When you determine that the transportation service provider you are considering has the capacity and capability to complete the job, you will need to make sure your business will not be vulnerable to any risks.

It is important to ensure that the transportation service provider you are considering meets all the standards and regulations that the government has set. There are many standards and regulations that will need to be met in the US when equipment is being transported, and it is important that you are aware of where the transportation service stands in terms of meeting those standards. If you fail to determine if the transportation service is meeting those regulations, you may subject yourself to legal actions if an accident takes place during the transport.

Taking on a heavy hauling job may not be the easiest task you have taken, but the success of the transport can depend on the transportation service provider you have selected. When you make the right decision when it comes to the transportation of large and heavy equipment, you are not only ensuring the safety of the equipment you are transporting but your entire business operations as well.

Are you preparing to move a heavy haul load that requires the use of heavy haul trucking? Contact us to learn more.

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