4 Reasons You Should Hire A Transportation Company For Their Refrigerated Trucking

Are you thinking about finally getting a refrigerated truck to ship your company’s products? Regardless if you sell flowers or fruit, a transportation company can help increase your revenue by giving you the means to sell your products in different areas. Still not convinced? Here are several reasons why you should consider hiring a transportation company to use their refrigerated delivery trucks:

1. Government Regulations

There are various state and federal government regulations that monitor the shipment of perishable items. This is because the wrong type of truck or temperature can cause your goods to spoil and possibly give people food poisoning or other illnesses. A transportation company will follow these regulations for you so you can be confident that your products are in good hands.

2. Temperature Control

You should also consider hiring a transportation company with refrigerated trucks since they can take care of setting the right temperature for your products. If you aren’t sure what setting is best, they can evaluate your products and packaging and make a recommendation that will prevent them from spoiling, melting or freezing.

Refrigerated Frozen Chilled Freight TL LTL Shipping Trucking

3. Security

You also won’t have to worry about your items being left alone for a long period of time when you hire a professional transportation service. Unlike other couriers which may leave your goods to deliver another product, they will supervise your goods and make sure they are successfully delivered before it melts or spoils.

4. Save Money

If you’re thinking about buying or leasing a refrigerated truck, you should consider the full cost of building a fleet of vehicles beforehand. Getting a refrigerated truck is a significant investment, especially with the down payment. Instead of wasting your time and money getting a truck and hiring drivers, you can hire a trucking transportation service to move everything for you.

Hire Great Western Transportation for Your Refrigerated Transportation Needs

At Great Western Transportation, we pride ourselves on being experts in the transportation industry. We have a large supply of equipment and can ship your goods at a fraction of the cost.

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3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Transportation Service

Are you looking for a new trucking provider? If so, it’s very important for you to find the right truck to haul your load to avoid potential issues. You need a truck that is designed and built for the type of load you want to haul. Not sure where to start? Here are several questions you should ask yourself before you contact a trucking provider:

Question #1: What type of product do you need to haul?

Ultimately the type of truck you rent will be dictated by the type of product you would like to transport. If you need to transport frozen goods you will need a refrigerated truck, whereas electronic components may need another type of truck. Once you know exactly what you need to move, a trucking provider can provide suggestions on which truck is the best option.

Question #2: How will you package the cargo?  

Another question you should ask yourself is how the products will be packaged. The shape and size of the containers will determine how much cargo space you’ll need. If you have to haul food you should also take into account how the packaging will affect its temperature.

Question #3: Do you know how much the cargo weighs?

The weight of the products should also determine the type of truck you use. Gather all the products and weigh them on a scale or try to come up with an estimated weight. Your trucking provider can also  analyze the weight of your products and come up with a plan on how to transport and load them into the truck.

Contact Great Western Transportation

Once you answer these questions you should be able to determine the best hauling option for your company’s products. For more information about our hauling services, please call us toll free at (800) 972-8484 today.

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Happy Thanksgiving

The team at Great Western Transportation would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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Shipping Construction Equipment for Growing Cities

North America is a big place with a lot of wide open space, and with a lot of open space there is a lot of room for expansion.  Cities continue to sprawl out from their centers and with that kind of growth comes the need for excavation and construction.  When new neighborhoods are built it’s not like the equipment needed to level the land, haul off dirt, or dig basements is already there.  It has to come from somewhere.

As cities grow, they usually spread outward, and often follow the contours of the land.  Geological features such as lakes, hills, rivers, and even railroad grades can affect just where things are built.  But one thing is generally certain, wherever you are building is going to require a way to get your equipment there.  Trucking is crucial in new construction.  Whether it is bringing in new construction materials or hauling out demolished materials trucks are necessary.

Over-sized construction equipment cannot simply be driven in on its own. Some pieces of equipment are not even self-propelled! Due to weight limits for bridges, the structural integrity of asphalt, and simply the hazard of creeping along in a large, dangerous piece of equipment, you will need trucks to haul in these vehicles and equipment.

Great Western Transportation can help you with your over-sized vehicle and construction equipment needs.  Here are just a few applications for trucking in construction:

  • Excavators
  • Front end loaders
  • Graders
  • Dump trucks
  • Cranes
  • Powerplants
  • Raw materials
  • Lumber
    • Steel beams
    • Roofing materials
    • Concrete
    • Spools of wiring
    • Pipes and sheet metal
    • Landscaping
  • Operations/foreman modulars
  • Scrap and debris
  • Port-o-lets
  • Water tanks

So whether it is heavy payloads such as a D6 Caterpillar or a truck load of roofing tar, a heavy hauler truck or flatbed is exactly the right tool to get the job done.  Great Western Transportation is your go-to source for providing professional, skilled, and reliable service for your construction needs. Wherever there are roads, we’ve got you covered.

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Flatbed Trucking: Adapting To The Changes

In the transportation industry, flatbed trucking will continue to be a major part of the supply chain. Since it is a major piece, flatbed trucking should be able to adapt to all the changes within all the markets and industries. Staying on top of the trends and the forces in the economy will help all the fleet managers stay ahead of the shifts and better prepare the trucks and the businesses for the upcoming changes.

There are major areas that will continue to have an impact on flatbed trucking, including the following:

Shifts and Trends in the Industry

Flatbed trucking is greatly impacted by market trends and consumer trends. When consumers are purchasing, leasing, or renting equipment or products that are primarily transported by flatbed trucks, the demand for flatbed transportation will increase. Flatbed trucking is also greatly impacted by the construction industry, and as more people look to have big projects completed on their businesses and homes, there will be a demand for construction equipment and construction materials.

The Time of Year

Weather and seasons also have a big impact on the flatbed market. The industries that typically use flatbed trucking will generally see an increase during the months when the weather is warmer, which is generally the summer or spring seasons. However, the colder months can also have an impact on flatbed trucking. When the cold months bring severe weather such as snowstorms, this will sometimes require cancellations or rescheduling. When weather results in property damage to homes and businesses, the flatbed industry usually experiences a spike in demand as equipment and other time-sensitive shipments need to be transported.

Technological Advances

As technology continues to grow, we can expect to see many advances in transportation and carrier technology. With the current advances, flatbed carriers have the ability to be more efficient and productive. Many flatbed trucks are equipped with new technology that can be used to improve productivity and safety. The new technology also gives carriers the opportunity to improve their utilization throughout the entire day. The updated technology can also reduce the chances that a carrier will misplace driver logs and it will improve the efficiency of submitting documents and other paperwork.

Flatbed trucking operates on a variety of different factors. This is why it is so important for carriers, receivers, and shippers to stay ahead of the market trends and shifts, in addition to the changes in technology.

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3 Reasons to Hire a Professional to Transport Your Heavy Machinery

Whether you need to move some farm equipment, heavy construction materials, or any other item that simply won’t fit into the back of a moving van, you should always opt for a transportation service for a multitude of reasons. And just why is it better to go with the pros than go it alone? In this post, we’ll introduce you to some of the biggest reasons why you should hire a professional to transport your heavy machinery. 

  1. The Pros Are Equipped With The Right Vehicles: There are certain kinds of heavy machinery that simply cannot be delivered on the back of a pickup truck or in a u-haul. That’s when it becomes time to call in a professional transportation service. A transportation service will have the right trucks and moving vehicles to safely deliver your heavy machinery from point a to point b.
  2. A Transportation Service Will Get Your Heavy Machinery Delivered Safely: If you try to move your heavy machinery on your own, you are running the serious risk of potentially damaging that equipment. The pros know how to securely get the heavy machinery into their transportation vehicles and deliver them to the new location without any safety issues. Not only will your heavy machinery be kept safe, you will be much better off having professionals handle the equipment, thus keeping you out of harm’s way.
  3. The Moving Process is Smoother: Relying on pros to move your equipment means the entire process will be easier, smoother, and less-time consuming. Additionally, if you add up the cost of trying to move the machinery on your own (hiring movers, procuring the correct moving vehicle, and so on), it will likely add up to cost more than simply hiring a full-service transportation company. Make things easier by working with a company instead of trying to go through the process alone.

Looking for more information? Contact us today!

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Dry Freight Trucking: The Flexible Shipping Method You Need

Before transport can successfully be completed, you will need to determine what your shipping options will be and what shipping method will be better suited for your transportation needs. We are sure you are aware of this by now, but there are multiple options you can choose from, including dry freight trucking, flatbed trucking, heavy haul trucking, and more. It will be a smart idea to become familiar with all the shipping modes and the guidelines and requirements that will come with each one.

Dry Freight Trucking: What is It?

Dry freight trucking is one of the most trusted methods of transportation that are available to you. Dry freight trucking continues to be a popular transportation mode because of the increased demand and the high availability, in addition to the many benefits of having goods and products safely enclosed in a trailer.

What can be carried with dry freight shipping?

Dry freight trucking can be used to carry the following:

  • Building materials
  • Non-perishable food items
  • Non-perishable beverages
  • Clothing

Why is dry freight trucking a preferred transportation method?

There are multiple reasons why companies decide to use dry freight trucking as their go-to transportation method, including the following:

  • There will be fewer concerns about the security of the goods because they will be in an enclosed trailer
  • Dry freight trucking is a very flexible method of transportation
  • The load mode that is used in dry freight trucking will save you a significant amount of effort

Moving dry shipments will allow for less than load (LTL) trucks to be filled easily. Dry goods have become more common because they do not require any type of unique handling or temperature controls.

In order for you to have your goods delivered on time to the right destination, it is important that you carefully determine the right shipping method for delivering your goods. Teaming up with the right transportation provider will allow you to have the services that fit the specific needs of your business.

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Get Professional Assistance For Your Next Heavy Haul

It can take numerous inspections, repairs, maintenance, licensing, and other procedures just to properly prepare a trailer for the highway. When the load that you need to carry is not your standard load, it will require a great deal of effort to keep the transport safe throughout the entire process.

Hauling and transportation companies like Great Western Transportation offer our expertise for the jobs that are too difficult for you to handle on your own. We understand how risky it can be to transport a heavy and oversized load. We help to minimize the risk that a heavy load will be stuck on a busy route or be involved in an accident or other serious situation on the highway.

Safety and Security

Specialized transportation services understand that states and cities have their own regulations and requirements when it comes to the weight of a load. It is very important to make sure the overweight permit requirements are met before a load attempts to cross that jurisdiction. When you do not have an experienced transportation service on your side, there is a high chance that the load will not be allowed in an area if there are questions about safety.

Breaking it Down

There are many trailer loads that are not able to be broken down into shorter or smaller parts. However, hauling companies that are specialized in hauling equipment have a full understanding of how to successfully get a load to the required size and weight so it can be transported safely and easily. As mentioned above, there are complex requirements when it comes to permits and weight size. This is why it is important to have a transportation service who has drivers who are able to drive the load safely to its final destination.

If you have used a transportation service in the past, you are aware of the inspections, permits, repairs, etc. that are involved. The Great Western Transportation team is fully aware of the requirements that must be met and we want to release the pressure you may be facing for an upcoming transport.

If you want to know how we can assist you with your upcoming heavy haul, reach out to us today.

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