Transporting Equipment Bought at an Auction: Make Sure Your Equipment Reaches Its Destination

There are various things that you will have to consider when you are involved with equipment transportation, especially if these are items that have been purchased in an auction. Unfortunately, many people do not think about all the details. Instead, they only think about a few of the details. After you have placed the winning bid, you will have many things to address, including the following:

  • confirmation of delivery
  • deadlines
  • agreements
  • weather

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to finding transportation for equipment is confirming the address. You waited hours in the pouring rain or the scorching sun just so you can bid on the piece of equipment you really wanted. After waiting for your item to be placed up for auction, you make the winning bid. After you have paid for the item you really wanted, you have to find an equipment transportation company to take the item to its destination.

Did you give the transportation company the right information? Does the transportation company know who they are supposed to contact if there is a problem? No one wants to think negatively, but emergencies do happen, the weather is unpredictable, and there can be numerous traffic delays. When problems arise, will everyone be on the same page?  It is very important that you remember to give the correct information the transportation service who will be responsible for transporting your equipment.

When you win an auction, the equipment you purchased has to get to your home, your business’s premises, a warehouse, etc. safely and carefully. This is why it is important for you to find the right transportation service. It is also important that you get all the details correct, regardless of how small you think the details may be.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Refrigerated Trucking Services to Trucking Companies

For many industries that deal with perishable goods, the refrigerated trucking industry forms an important part of their activities. Apart from transporting their goods across the country, the refrigerated trucking ensures their goods reach the destination safe and fresh.

In many cases, while a company may own its refrigerated truck, companies still opt to outsource trucking services to established trucking companies in transporting their goods for reasons such as:

Increased flexibility in schedules and load sizes

When it comes to matters of flexibility, businesses that own their trucks are on a far disadvantage in that it is expensive to transport a truckload that is only half-full. The main benefit of outsourcing refrigerated trucking services is that the trucking company contains all trucks of different sizes for any load size.Refrigerated Freight and LTL Trucking

Tracking shipments and deliveries

Another efficiency accorded by trucking companies is tracking of their drivers to monitor and ensure the goods get delivered under the stipulated time. In many cases, most of the perishable goods like foods need to meet a certain deadline to serve its purpose in the destination e.g. The fruits getting transported will get served at a party on the said day of delivery.

Experienced personnel

One of the most assuring things a shipper wants to hear is that the driver has vast experience. A company may have its truck, but if the driver lacks experience many factors could go wrong on the way that could compromise the cargo. However, trucking companies offer you the most experienced personnel to handle your load, and hence you rest a while knowing nothing will happen to your goods.

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Looking for a Shipping Company that Does Heavy Haul Trucking?

When you work in an industry that needs to move oversized or heavy materials you have to find a shipping company that does heavy haul trucking that you can trust. At Great Western Transportation, we offer heavy haul shipping all throughout the U.S. and Canada and we have been serving clients with their heavy haul shipping needs for decades. If you have questions about heavy haul shipping, here are some common questions and answers.

What can I do when my shipment is too wide, too tall, or too heavy for a flatbed trailer?

This is something we see all the time at Great Western Transportation and we are equipped to transport your shipment regardless. Our truck trailers can be equipped with an oversized trailer permitted to carry a heavy and/or oversized load.

How do I know if I have an oversized load?

An oversized load, including the tractor and trailer, is a load that exceeds the standard legal dimensions of 13′ 6″ in height and 8′ 6″ in width. The length of an oversized load varies from state to state. If a load can be reduced below these dimensions it does not qualify as an oversized load.

Does my oversized load need special permitting?

The permitting varies from state to state, but we are used to hauling heavy haul loads and we can help you navigate the permitting process at Great Western Transportation.

Who can I trust with my heavy haul load?

At Great Western Transportation, we have shipped it all. Between our employees, we have over 100 years of shipping experience and we will haul your load with confidence and expertise. For more information, contact us today.

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Builders! Shipping Construction Equipment is Easy With Great Western Transportation

People outside of the building industry would probably never give a second thought to how the construction equipment building the new movie theater down the street or tearing down the old grocery store in their neighborhood got to that construction location. But as a builder, the transportation of construction equipment is a logistical challenge you deal with day in and day out.

At Great Western Transportation, we ship construction equipment all over the United States and Canada. We have a number of shipping methods we use for various freight. But for the transportation of construction equipment there are several methods we typically use.

For heavy and oversized construction equipment, we used our shipping expertise to Heavy Haul the items where they need to go. Our experienced team is used to working with the special equipment required to haul your over-sized or overweight items as well as any permitting required to travel with those items. Permits vary from state to state and we are used to handling the logistics that go with Heavy Hauling. If you aren’t sure whether your construction equipment is overweight or oversized, check out the dimensions and weight parameters laid out on our website or contact us and we would be happy to help.

If you have items to ship that aren’t Heavy Haul, we can help with that too. We offer LTL trucking (trucking for smaller shipments that consolidates your shipment with other small shipments), a full truckload, and flatbed trucking as well. To start working with Great Western Transportation to ship your construction equipment, contact us today.

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In Heavy Haul Trucking, No Detail Is Too Small

Heavy haul trucking, or the transport of oversized and/or overweight loads, can be accurately called a logistical operation. The job demands a great deal of planning where even seemingly small oversights can have big consequences. The reason for this is our road infrastructure was not designed with this type of transport in mind. Bridges may have insufficient height clearances, power lines may get in the way, and even buildings next to the road may barely offer sufficient clearance for the heavy haul rig to get through.

Getting the job done right also requires doing things in the correct order. For example, if you get the various permits required from each of the states your transport will cross before knowing the exact weight, height, width, and length of your load, then even a few inches of dimensional error may require a route change. This in turn, may require new permits, which will cost extra money and lost time.

Proper securement of the load to the trailer is essential for its safe transport. Any mistakes can cause the load to shift or even come loose during transport. This may damage to the load, the trailer, and possibly damage the road or its infrastructure. A poorly secured load may also cause a traffic accident with another motor vehicle.

There are a multitude of other details to consider such as:

  • If loading the cargo on the trailer required special equipment, the destination site should also have the right unloading equipment.
  • Some of the states your heavy haul passes through may require escort vehicles.
  • You will want to choose a route that’s reasonably free of traffic delays such as road construction zones.

Careful attention to detail, meticulous planning, and double checking will eliminate or at least minimize any unexpected problems during transport. Pulling off such an operation on time and safely requires the expertise of professionals with lots of experience under their belts. Great Western Transportation can do this for you at a competitive price. To learn more about our heavy haul trucking service, contact us today.

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Shipping Construction Equipment and Making Everything Work

Type of Equipment 

Construction companies are often going to need to ship many different types of construction equipment, including bulldozers and excavators. The tall arm of excavators gives them a very distinctive shape. The large metallic blade of a bulldozer, which is used to move debris and almost everything else, gives the device distinctive components that may be more prone to damage than others.

The exact format of a piece of construction equipment might change the manner in which the device is handled and secured during the transportation process. However, it might not make as much of a difference as some people believe.


Despite the vast differences between construction equipment types, some parts of shipping construction equipment will still remain consistent. The equipment will get set into position and secured. The professionals involved will check to make sure that there aren’t any additional issues, and then the shipping process will continue.

Some of the difficulties and opportunities that present themselves when shipping construction equipment will more or less come into play when shipping heavy devices in general. This should make things easier for the people who are used to shipments like these.


Most companies will place a strong emphasis on security when it comes to construction equipment, which is very expensive. However, there are some people who might want to take additional precautions of their own, given the value of construction equipment.

Putting small and inexpensive GPS trackers on the equipment can give the owners some peace of mind with regards to what is going on with their construction devices. However, companies like Great Western Transportation have high standards for security one way or another.

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Transporting Equipment Bought at an Auction: What You Need to Know

If you are going to an auction with the intent to buy equipment, it’s important to have a plan for transporting it back to your location. This means you need to know more about the kind of equipment you’re looking at and what the rules are at the auction house.

Explore the Equipment

Many equipment auctions will list what’s available ahead of time. It’s important to review so you have an idea as to what you will bid on. There’s a big difference between needing to transport a single cart versus a dozen forklifts. Even though you might not win all of the auctions, you should have a basic idea of what will need to be transported.

Know Auction House Rules

Every auction house is different in terms of their rules for pickup. Some require that you take the equipment upon purchase. Other houses will allow you a window of two to three days to pick up your purchases. By knowing when you can pick up your purchase, it will allow you to schedule transportation appropriately.

Contact a Trucking Company

Work with a trucking company that will be capable of providing you with the needed transportation options. Especially if you’re buying a lot of large or tall equipment, you will want a flatbed truck. Otherwise, it might not be possible to fit it inside of a trailer. You might also want to check out LTL trucking if you’re not obtaining a lot of equipment.

Buying equipment at an auction can save you money. As long as you work with a reputable trucking company, you can be sure that transporting the equipment is easy.

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Effectively Shipping Construction Equipment


Shipping construction equipment is often especially challenging because it’s so large. Tractors, excavators, cranes, loaders, hydraulic shovels, and bulldozers are tremendously heavy and bulky. They also vary a lot in terms of their exact dimensions.

The fact that these devices are so heavy does not necessarily make them a lot tougher than other pieces of equipment, either. Damaging construction equipment during the shipping process can be very costly, and it can stop the equipment from functioning properly.

Preliminary Necessities  

Professionals who need to ship construction equipment will need to know how to measure it and list it in the right way. These same professionals might also need special permits in order to get their construction equipment shipped.

Taking photographs of the construction equipment that needs to be shipped can help prevent issues down the line. Construction equipment can vary substantially, and it’s important that everyone involved is fully informed about the shipment.


Professionals are not going to be able to effectively ship construction equipment using just any vehicle. They will typically need a specialized heavy transport vehicle in order to make everything work.

There are some types of construction equipment in particular that might be heavier and larger than some people would expect for its category. Some bulldozers, excavators, and loaders are particularly large, and making arrangements to transport them can be more challenging.

Still, the construction industry has to move around heavy equipment all the time as a matter of course, given the nature of what it does. Great Western Transportation can help people in this industry.

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