Demand Grows for Heavy-Haul Shipping

According to a recent article from Business Insider, the demand for trucks capable of hauling heavy items, such as construction equipment, has skyrocketed this year. There was a 141 percent increase in orders for heavy-haul trucks in June over the same month last year, the article noted.

The reason these trucks are in such high demand has to do not only with an increase in freight needing to be shipped in the face of strong economic growth, but also in the inability of the manufacturers of Class 8 trucks to keep up with the orders from companies needing to grow their fleets, and a lack of drivers to operate the trucks. This, combined with rising fuel costs and long delays, has caused headaches for many shippers, the article states.

Shippers should see some relief in the second half of the year as truck manufacturers whittle down the backlog of orders for heavy-haul trucks, the Business Insider reports. However, it remains to be seen whether or not fuel prices will decrease or the driver shortage will subside.

Are you in need of a heavy-haul truck to ship your construction equipment, and can’t wait for the shipping conditions to improve? Heavy-haul shipping can be complex. In addition to the high demand on the shipping industry, permits may also be required due to weight restrictions in states and municipalities throughout the continental United States and Canada. Great Western can help. We not only have access to the resources needed to ship your construction equipment, but the know-how to handle the requirements that must be met in order to get your equipment to you safely and as quickly as possible. For more information or to find out if your load is large enough to require the use of special equipment and a heavy-haul truck, contact us.

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Accommodate Your Needs With Flatbed Trucking

Flatbed trucking extends across a variety of industries, especially in transportation or construction, and these trucks are essential parts of any type of fleet operation. Flatbed trucks are generally used for transporting loads that are oversized or loads that have goods with abnormal shapes.

When many people think about transportation or hauling, they usually only think about the common hauling goods or materials like crates. However, flatbeds have proven to be an asset in farming, construction, towing, or the disposal of waste. When it is time for you to decide if your next haul could benefit from a flatbed truck, we want you to consider some of the frequent uses for flatbed trucks.

Building Materials

One of the common building materials that get transported is lumber, but building materials can consist of a variety of other materials, including the following:

  • steel
  • concrete
  • bricks
  • prefabricated building materials

A flatbed truck is well-known for transporting loads like this because it is the most practical option that you will be able to find. The heavy materials on the truck can easily be loaded and unloaded with the use of a crane or the use of hands, and you will not be limited to one direction.

Transporting Equipment

When you need to transport equipment bought at an auction, farming equipment, military equipment, etc., would you rather have it transported by a durable flatbed or would you want to drive the equipment to its destination? We think you would choose the safer alternative of having it transported on a flatbed.

Picking up or Moving Scrap Metal

Many companies make the decision to utilize a transportation service to transport scrap metal to and from a job site. The scrap metal will be taken to a facility and the metal will be eventually sold and given new life. Flatbed trucks are perfect for this type of transportation because of the ability to easily load and unload the trucks.

With its flat surface, flatbed trucking can hold more cargo than the other transportation options you may have considered. Flatbed trucks are also secured with straps, chains, and other methods to prevent your goods from slipping. Everything that is placed on a flatbed will be moved safely or carefully.

For flatbed transportation services that are safe and reliable, you can count on Great Western Transportation.

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Growth In LTL Trucking

The implementation of LTL shipping has differed over the years as companies have looked for various opportunities to defeat the countless challenges that come with transportation. An LTL transport carrier is one that integrates and transports small freight shipments while still using a variety of stops and terminals. There has been a tremendous amount of growth in the trucking industry and this can be attributed to the addition of more jobs, manufacturing, reduction in taxes, and a reduction in regulations.

With a major growth in the e-commerce industry, LTL transportation has become the main choice for the companies that want to meet the demands of their consumers while transforming their shipping methods. Retailers are utilizing various LTL shipping methods to successfully transport transitional inventory for delivery to the stores or to warehouses and distribution centers. Store imports are anticipated to increase for the remainder of this year.


Pricing for LTL shipments can be challenging to determine because every carrier will have their own price. Some LTL carriers may set their price based on the weight for the shipment and other may base their prices based on a variety of things, including freight classifications. As more companies begin to turn to LTL shipping and as the cost of fuel continues to rise, the rate of shipping will be reflected. When you are trying to determine if LTL is the perfect option for you, you should make sure you have a full and clear understanding of how the transportation service calculates its rate.

The LTL industry has and will continue to provide their shippers with a transportation service that will fulfill their needs while allowing them to ship items to the most intricate locations. When you have the right transportation partner, you will be able to finally obtain the flexibility you need to be successful.

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Transporting Equipment Bought At An Auction: The Best Tips And Pointers

So you have managed to win a prized piece of equipment at an auction and you were also able to save a great deal of money in the process. All of that is well and good but now that the item needs to be transported to its next destination, it is time to consider all of the following tips and pointers.

These are the best ways to ensure proper transportation once it comes time to handle this step…

Examine The Fine Print

Once you are meeting with transporters, it is important to take a moment to read the fine print. The coverage details are going to play a major role in this decision and you need to be sure that the equipment is going to remain intact while it is in transport. Choosing a carrier the pledges to provide the proper coverage when it comes to potential damages and losses is the only way to go in these scenarios.

Offering The Proper Information

When heavy equipment is being shipped from an auction to a new location, there is certain information that needs to be offered up immediately. The lot number of the equipment purchased and the buyer number under which it was purchased are key pieces of information that cannot be left out. The VIN number must also be included. The carrier will need to know if the equipment is able to be towed, if it starts and if it can be driven from place to place.

Double Check All Paperwork

You would be surprised at how many shipping snafus take place because the person does not take the time to read over all of the paperwork. Does the transporter have access to the aforementioned information? Do they have the proper address? Making assumptions is never wise, so take the time to go over everything twice and ask as many questions as necessary.

If you have any further questions about the best ways to transport equipment that was won at an auction, take time out to contact Great Western Transportation so that we can provide the necessary assistance!

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Overcoming The Challenges Of Shipping Construction Equipment

Shipping construction equipment is not nearly as simple as it looks. It is a process that requires a certain amount of knowledge and experience. There also certain pitfalls and challenges that are bound to crop up along the way. The following is a guide to overcoming these challenges going forward.

Packing Related Mishaps

Before the service that is responsible for assisting with the shipping process arrives, the parties who are looking to ship their construction equipment should take all of the proper steps to ensure that the packing is done properly. Is the equipment protected from the elements? Is the packaging going to ensure the structural integrity of the items in question? Do the necessary research before it is too late so that avoidable problems do not occur.

Choosing The Right Carrier

This is a key step in the process. The carrier that is chosen should have the correct specializations to cater to the needs of the customer in question. Ask the right questions when meeting with carriers. Have they handled tasks like this one in the past? Are they experienced as far as the specific hauling needs of the construction company are concerned? Don’t choose a carrier without expert agents that can offer the right answers to these questions.

Purchasing Insurance

Shipping construction equipment requires the purchase of insurance and this should go without saying. But is it the right insurance? Will it cover every eventuality that could potentially take place? Does it address the specific concerns associated with this particular shipping endeavor? Knowing the ins and outs of what the policy covers is very important.

If you need further assistance when it comes to overcoming the challenges of shipping construction equipment, be sure to contact Great Western Transportation. We are here to assist you in all aspects of this endeavor.

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Best Practices for Transportation of Heavy Machinery

Moving heavy machinery or equipment requires skill, knowledge, and experience. Additionally, you also need to take necessary precaution to guard against the risks of causing accidents while in transit when transporting heavy construction or manufacturing equipment. Failure to adhere to set standards regarding securing heavy loads among other things makes you liable to an offense. Additionally, you put the lives of other road users at risk if you do not observe the rules of transporting heavy machinery.

Therefore, observing best practices when moving heavy machinery is critical for safe delivery of such equipment from one point to the next. Here are some of the aspects you need to consider to get to your destination safely when transporting heavy machinery.

Proper Securing of Accessories It is not prudent to move construction equipment without securing every accessory of the machine you are transporting. Therefore, ensure that you lower all heavy equipment accessories on the vehicle you are using and tie each of these tightly. If you are moving heavy machinery with locking pins on some of the accessories you do not need to use additional securing devices. You only need to ensure that the tie downs are holding the heavy equipment firmly in place on the vehicle.

Choose The Right Transportation Vehicle As you prepare to move heavy machinery, it is necessary to identify the right vehicle for the type and size of load you want to transport. The critical considerations when selecting a truck to move heavy machinery include the height and width of the truck.

By opting for a heavy hauling vehicle with the right width and height, you will understand the distance you need to maintain between the truck and other motorists. You will also have a better understanding of the correct height depending on the overhead bridges you expect to find along the way when you choose the right vehicle.

Adherence to Inspection Requirements When moving manufacturing machinery from one destination to another, the expectation is that you will encounter checkpoints at particular locations on the way. Heavy vehicles go through checkpoints to verify their compliance with the set rules and regulations regarding moving heavy machinery. As such, you should comply with all the requirements of transporting heavy equipment for your safety and that of other road users.

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Shipping Construction Equipment Across the U.S. and Canada

Is your construction company shipping equipment across the country for a job? Perhaps your business is selling construction equipment and needs to get it to an auction location for sale. No matter what the reason, Great Western Transportation can help ship construction equipment across the U.S and Canada.

We are accustomed to dealing with all of the nuances of moving heavy, large, and unusually sized equipment. Many pieces of construction equipment are hauled with a heavy haul trucking service. This involves using special trucks and trailers which match the size of the equipment being moved.

Excavators, bulldozers, graders, front loaders, and more—we can move them all. There are several ways we use our expertise to make this transport as easy as possible. One way is that we know if we need to take special routes to avoid roads and bridges that have weight limits. We will plot our course based on the weight and size of the equipment. We also know if we will need special permits from government agencies or municipalities to make the trip.

If you schedule a transport with a less experienced shipping company, you could run into problems with routes and permits. But our drivers are experts at moving challenging loads. Oversized and overweight shipments are not intimidating to our experts.

Some construction equipment doesn’t require heavy haul shipping can simply be loaded onto a regular flatbed trailer for shipping. Flatbed shipments can be made as less-than-truckload (LTL) and full truckload (FTL) depending on how much construction equipment you need to move.

If you have construction equipment to transport and want to make sure it is done safely and efficiently, please contact us today at Great Western Transportation. No matter the size, weight, or shape of the shipment, we are experienced and ready to make the shipment so you are ready for that next job.

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You Won The Auction: Transporting Equipment Bought at an Auction

How many things can you think of that remain constant? We cannot think of anything, except for change. As technology continues to drive us, we are still facing a variety of issues just as we did years ago.

After you make the winning bid on the equipment you wanted, you will still have a variety of things to address. One of the most important things you will need to address is your transportation method. You will also need to address other concerns, such as purchase contracts, weather, and the delivery deadline. Yes, those were the same problems people had many years ago before technology became a major part of our lives.

However, there are various things you can do to ensure you are able to safely transport the equipment you bought at an auction.

Know The Dimensions Of Your Winning Item

You are going to need to find a transportation service you will be able to trust because you will need your equipment to be delivered safely and promptly, right? However, before you find a transportation service you will need to know the correct equipment dimensions because you will need to find a transportation service that can haul your equipment. You do not want to assume that your equipment will fit, only to be disappointed when the transportation service arrives. The best thing you should do is measure the equipment so you can get the right details.

Make Sure Someone Will Be Available For Delivery

When you hire a transportation service to deliver equipment, you will have to do your part and make sure someone is available when the delivery date arrives. Communication is very important in every industry, and the trucking industry is no exception. When you share contact information with a transportation service, you should make sure all the contact information and arrangements are correct. You do not want the transportation service to arrive at your location and no one is there.

There are various ways for you to find a reliable and trusted equipment transportation service. You will want to do your due diligence because you will want to find a transportation service that has the capability and expertise to transport the most complicated loads.

Congratulations on getting the equipment you wanted! Now it is time to get that beautiful piece of equipment delivered to your desired location.

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