Tips for Safely Shipping Construction Equipment

The process of shipping construction equipment calls for attention to details. But, before transporting construction equipment, it is necessary to have a few things in check. Among them is getting the right transporters. Below are a few tips for safely shipping construction equipment.

Get a Reputable Transportation Company

Shipping heavy machinery is not a job for everyone. It calls for expertise, experience, and skills. Professional transporters will know what to do when loading the motor to the trailer, during transportation, and when offloading. A good transportation company has the ideal tools and equipment to carry out the shipping seamlessly.

Get the Right Dimensions of the Construction Equipment

Once you have settled on a particular shipping company, you will need to send the dimension of the equipment to the shipping company. With these details in check, the shipping company will know the kind of tools and equipment to have handy. When transporting bulky goods, it is necessary to have safety banners.

Get a Transportation Permit

Make sure you apply for the right state permit from the beginning. A transportation permit means that your cargo complies with all the necessary state regulations and federal routes.

Prepare the Shipment for Transportation

Although the company will ensure that the equipment to be transported is placed appropriately, the customer has to prepare the material. That ensures the machine does not get damaged during shipping.

The manual of the equipment always stipulates how the preparation should be done. There may be measures to be taken when carrying out the work. The owner should be cautious about following through the safety guidelines.

Get the Right Trailer

You need to get the right trailer ahead of planning your route and getting transportation permits. There are different kinds of trailers for different types of tasks. Some of the trailers often used include flatbed, extendable drop deck trailer, and lowboy trailer. Your transportation company will guide you to the ideal trailer, depending on your cargo.

The mentioned tips will help you safely ship your construction equipment. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries regarding shipping construction materials. Our team of professionals works around the clock to offer top-notch service.

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Dry Van Vs Flatbed: Which Option is Better for Your Freight Needs?

The dry van trailer and the flatbed trailer are the two most common trucking trailers used for freight delivery. However, choosing which option is best for your shipping needs is not always an easy task. Let’s take a look at some of the differences and benefits of choosing a dry van trailer and a flatbed trailer.

What are the differences?

Unlike flatbed trailers, dry van trailers are enclosed and make a perfect option for shipping sensitive cargo. Flatbed trailers are very versatile and offer many options for loading and unloading cargo. Flatbed trailers are also best for transporting oversized objects because of their open sides and back. However, dry van trailers are more commonly used because they are better at protecting goods from flying debris and they offer lift gates that make them easier to load and unload.

Why choose a dry van trailer?

Dry van trailers are enclosed semi-truck trailers with cargo units that are 53 feet long, 8.5 feet wide, and 13 feet tall. Dry van trailers are commonly used for shipping commercial goods such as furniture, electronics, food, beverages, clothing items, and household goods. Dry van trailers will enclose your freight on all four sides. This makes them the best option for protecting your items from possible damage from bad weather. Dry van trailers are better at accommodating loading docks and forklifts because of their height and lift gate features.

Why choose a flatbed trailer?

The flatbed trailer has open sides with no walls or ceilings. This makes the flatbed truck very versatile and allows you to load cargo in many different ways that would be impossible or inconvenient for a dry van trailer. Flatbed trailers are 48 feet long and approximately 102 inches wide. Unlike dry van trailers, flatbed trailers have a larger maximum hauling capacity and can haul oversized loads a lot easier.


Choosing which option is best for you comes down to the weight and type of freight you are shipping as well as conditions you will be traveling through. For example, if you are traveling through heavy wind, rain, snow, or anything else that can seriously damage your cargo, you should probably choose a dry van trailer. However, if you will be carrying an oversized load and need additional cargo space, then you should probably choose a flatbed trailer.

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Meet Your Needs With Heavy Haul Trucking

At Great Western Transportation, we are not just a dependable and structured heavy hauler. Great Western Transportation can also provide the advice and heavy equipment transport you need to successfully move heavy equipment over short and long distances. It does not matter if you have plans to move heavy machinery, oversized cargo, or anything in the middle, we have the resources to precisely handle whatever you throw at us.

We have the ability to expand our reach globally, and this gives us the opportunity to fulfill all of your heavy haul trucking needs. One of our main goals is to partner with you and ensure you have a high level of success in an ever-changing and competitive market. Special attention will need to be given to heavy haul equipment that needs to be transported. Transporting this type of equipment can sometimes present multiple challenges.

With this in mind, heavy haul trucking will rely on the right transport services to move loads and materials from one location to another. When you have a clear understanding of the types of heavy haul equipment, you will have a higher chance of finding the best heavy haul trucking service that will be able to fulfill the specific needs and guidelines you need to meet.

When it comes to finding the transportation service to haul your equipment you will need to consider permits, routing, and the handling of the cargo and materials. The right heavy haul trucking service will be able to provide you with the ultimate solution you need. The heavy haul trucking service you need will have access to the resources you need when you need them. We specialize in heavy haul trucking, shipping construction equipment, transporting heavy machinery, and more.

Reach out to us today to find out how we can help.

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Power Only Trucking: Supplying The Power For Trailers

How can a trucking company consistently save money on various expenses? If you own a small carrier business, there is a really good chance that you have asked yourself that this is the first time you have heard or asked this question. The average cost of a truck and/or trailer repair and maintenance increases every year. While owners can ensure they incorporate various tactics, such as the following:

  • using safe drive practices
  • performing regular inspections of the truck/trailer
  • ensuring tires are properly rotated

While these tactics can certainly have an impact on maintenance and repair costs, these are not the only practices that can be used to help you save money. When you take time to look beyond the truck, trailer, and other equipment you use, you will be able to find additional ways to save money. When you want to ensure that your trailers are properly maintained, the cost of maintenance can certainly increase. This is why some carriers decide to use power-only trucking.

When you use power-only trucking, a truck and a driver will be hired to transport your trailer and the products to the intended destination. There are power only shipping services that will allow you to move your shipment to a destination in the same area, an extended distance, another state, or in international territory.

Some of the common uses for power-only trucking transport include the following:

  • using flatbed trailers to transport equipment
  • moving equipment on shipping containers
  • tanker trailers

You can choose the company and the drivers based on the type of equipment or goods you want to carry. Many drivers are typically chosen based on the level of experience they have in transporting a specific type of shipment. While the majority of cargo and equipment may be transported through company-owned trucks and trailers, there are transportation services that supply just the power for the trailer movements.

If you have been looking for a transportation service to move your trailers when a truck is not available, contact Great Western Transportation today.

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Getting Ready To Transport Equipment With Heavy Haul Trucking

If you are planning to transport equipment with heavy haul trucking, you need to make the proper preparations.  Making the proper preparations will save you time and money.  It will also make it easier and less stressful to transport your equipment.

Here are several things to take care of before using heavy haul trucking:

Know your timeframe

Heavy haul trucking isn’t something you can do at the last minute.  Depending on the item that is being transported, you may need weeks or months to get everything ready.  As soon as you think you might need heavy haul trucking, you should start getting prepared.

Get the proper permits

When you are transporting large machinery, you will need to get permits.  You may need to get permits for every state, county, and municipality that your equipment will be transported through.

Getting permits may take several weeks and each permit will cost money.  Once you have determined the transportation route, you should apply for your permits as soon as possible.

Determine your equipment’s exact dimensions

You need to know your equipment’s exact dimensions before your equipment is transported.  The last thing you want is a piece of equipment getting stuck under a bridge.  To be certain, don’t rely on the manufacturer’s specifications.  Instead, measure it yourself and confirm your equipment’s exact dimensions.

Prepare your equipment for transportation 

Make sure you know how you are transporting your machinery.  Are you dissembling part or all of the machine to make it easier to transport?  The manufacturer of your equipment may also have tips on how to prepare your equipment for transportation.

Also, make sure to clean your equipment.  Equipment covered in dirt or mud adds weight and therefore will cost more to transport.  In addition, cleaning your equipment makes it safer to transport because it gets rid of any dirt or rocks that may fly off the equipment.

Need to send equipment with heavy haul trucking?  Contact us today!

If you need to ship equipment with heavy haul trucking, contact us today!  We can guide you through the process of shipping your equipment.

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Transporting Heavy Machinery With The Right Service

Heavy machinery like dump trucks, excavators, tractors, and more are essential for any building or construction work. As important as the heavy machinery is to complete a job, it is also important to ensure the heavy machinery is transported and delivered on time. However, getting the machinery to Point B from Point A can be a challenging process.

Some companies will have their own vehicles that they use for shipping. However, other businesses will rely on a transportation service to move heavy machinery. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of what the shipping process consists of. Many businesses are under the impression that it is not safe to transport heavy machinery.

We understand that you may be worried about the safety of your heavy machinery when it needs to be transported. After all, the heavy machinery you need to transport can be quite expensive. However, transportation services that are used to move heavy machinery have the skills and the knowledge that is needed to safely move vehicles.

If you are worried about how reliable a transportation service may be, we encourage you to ask questions about their shipping process. A good transportation service will not be afraid to answer any questions you may have.

Many businesses also try to avoid using transportation services because of the fear that the pricing will be too high or unpredictable. The transportation service you choose should be able to give you a proper quote at the beginning of the process.

While it may seem like choosing the transportation service will be the best route to take, it is one of the biggest mistakes many businesses make. Some transportation services may offer the lowest price, but they may not meet your specific needs when it comes to transporting your heavy equipment to a location during a specific delivery window.

It is important to choose a transportation service that can fulfill your needs and has a pricing option that fits your budget. Great Western Transportation has the ability to safely transport your heavy equipment during your specified delivery window. We have the skills and the experience it takes to have a successful transport.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for a quote or with any shipping questions or concerns you may have.

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Flatbed Trucking: Transporting Equipment To A Job Site

One of the most common types of trailers that are used for hauling time-sensitive shipments and construction equipment to and from a job site is a flatbed trailer. Why are flatbed trailers used more often when construction equipment needs to be transported?

Flatbed trailers are used often because of their ability to carry construction equipment and building materials up to nearly 50,000 pounds. Also, flatbed trailers will generally have a length that can range between 48 feet to over 50 feet.

Flatbed trailers are known for their capability to handle nearly everything. When construction equipment and other building materials need to be transported, one will need a flexible form of transportation. Flatbed trailers are some of the most versatile trailers in the trucking industry. Flatbed trailers are used to transport the following(and more) materials:

  • Bricks
  • Lumber
  • Scaffolding

Another reason flatbed trailers are used so often because of the ability to add and remove materials on the trailer. The flat surface of the trailer makes loading and unloading a little easier when compared to using other types of trailers. It is important to remember that using a forklift may be necessary to safely load and unload heavy construction equipment.

Flatbed trailers and trucks will continue to be an essential piece of equipment in the transportation and construction industry. When one needs to transport heavy loads and loads that contain oddly-shaped equipment, flatbed trucking is often the go-to transportation method.

Flatbed trucks can also be used to transport tractors and other farm equipment. Flatbed trucking is generally the preferred method to transport the farm equipment because driving the farm equipment from one location to another may not be the safest way to transport it.

If you would like more information about how flatbed trucking can be used and its benefits, we encourage you to contact us, Great Western Transportation, today.


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Safely Transporting Heavy Machinery

Two of the key elements of safely transporting heavy machinery are logistics and planning. Oversized loads can present a variety of transportation challenges that may require more than one method of transportation. Thankfully, with careful planning and the right tools, you will be able to safely move your heavy machinery.

Tips for a Safe Transport

  • Consult with a professional transportation service to learn more about safe heavy machinery transportation
  • Do not forget about special guidelines and requirements that may arise during the transport
  • Plan ahead
  • Secure the necessary permits ahead of time
  • Have a clear understanding of the transportation route

The safe transport of your heavy machinery will mean more than ensuring the machinery is operating efficiently. Safe transportation of heavy machinery will also mean ensuring the machinery goes through each state safely. Also, safe transportation means ensuring that everyone you are sharing the road with will be safe.

A professional transportation service will ensure you have a reliable and cost-effective transport of your heavy machinery. It is important to choose the right transportation service when you are looking to transport any type or style of heavy machinery. At Great Western Transportation, one of our missions is to exceed all of your expectations. We are committed to ensuring your heavy machinery arrives at the destination you have chosen.

We can work with your team to provide a full plan for the heavy machinery, from the early stage to the final stage. It does not matter what type of heavy machinery you will need to transport, one of our specialists will be able to help you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us today to request a quote.

We can perform jobs of various sizes. It does not matter if you need to use one piece of equipment or if you need to completely relocate, we are here to help you.

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