Flatbed Trucking: Do You Need A Little Help From The Professionals?

If you attempt to create a list of products that are generally hauled by flatbed trucking, you will find yourself creating a very long and assorted list. When you think about the attachment and trailer variations that are needed to move the materials and other products, it can seem like a huge hurdle to find the right truck for your flatbed shipments. Fortunately, you do not have to be alone in this process. We want to help you take the right steps so that you can get your flatbed shipment moving as soon as possible.

What Are You Shipping?

When you are using flatbed trucking to move products and materials, you will have to make sure everything is secured. The transportation service you choose to use must know what you plan to ship so the service can have the right attachments, trailers, and other accessories to successfully transport your shipment.

You will not have to worry or stress about any physical limitation when you use flatbed freight. As a result, it is not uncommon for someone to miscalculate their dimensions and weight. The transportation service you choose to use will need to make sure all the appropriate permits are available if there is a requirement that they are needed.

Does Your Shipment Need Tarps?

Not every flatbed shipment you have will require tarps. There will be some loads that will not require you to use a tarp in order to cover them. If your freight does need to be covered, the transportation service you plan to use will make sure you have the right truck that will fit your shipping needs.

The Load and Unload Process

The transportation service you plan to use will determine your equipment needs based on how your freight will need to be loaded. If your freight needs to be unloaded at a dock, there will be no need for a step deck. If you need to use a crane to load and unload items, you will be able to use the appropriate equipment for the loading and unloading process.

We understand that finding the equipment for a flatbed shipment can be overwhelming and time-consuming. If you find yourself in a difficult situation that you can’t seem to get out of, we recommend that you consult with a professional transportation service that will offer you the help you need. Teaming up with the right transportation service provider can be one of the best freight shipping decisions you have ever made.

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Transporting Heavy Machinery: Are You Ready For The Transport?

There are so many reasons why commercial logistics include the transportation of heavy machinery. One of the reasons is because it gives you the opportunity to store the equipment you do not plan to use for a significant amount of time. Another reason is that you may need to ship the machinery and equipment to customers or you may need to move the equipment to a new location. Whatever the reason may be, you should certainly consider using a transportation service.

One of the several benefits that transportation services offer is that they will provide you with tips and advice about the transportation and the storage of your equipment. There are certain types of equipment that will require you to use a variety of precautions and careful planning before moving. You cannot place heavy machinery and equipment in a truck and begin to transport it. Heavy machinery will require special attention and care.

You will face many hurdles when it is time to move your large and heavy machinery. One of your biggest concerns will likely be the security of your transportation. We know that the size of your machinery can be a bit menacing, but there are some things you can do to ensure that you have a smooth transportation process.

What’s The Plan?

Everyone who will be involved in the transportation process needs to be fully aware of the procedures you have before any steps are taken. Many times, the transportation service you are using will provide you with the assistance you need to have a smooth process. The transportation service can create a plan to load the machinery and move the machinery successfully.

When Is The Move?

Are you a fan of schedules? You will need a schedule to help you establish order. The schedule will make sure everything is on track before, during, and at the arrival of the location.

Is The Equipment Ready For Transportation?

Before the machinery and equipment are loaded and moved, you have to make sure the machines have been cleaned and fully drained of any fluids. When the machines are cleaned and drained, the weight of the equipment and machines may be reduced a little. Draining the fluids will make sure you will not experience any fluid leaks during the transportation process.

Moving equipment can be a stressful and frightening task because there are so many things involved in the process. You are going to need help when it is time to transport your heavy machinery. How do you know who to call to help you with such a daunting task? Using the services of a professional will certainly take some of the pressure and weight off.

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Are You Shipping Construction Equipment? Make The Process A Smooth One!

There are various steps that will need to be taken when you are preparing to ship construction equipment. It takes years of experience, skills, and expertise to successfully move construction equipment such as bulldozers and tractors because of the weight of the equipment and the size of the equipment. Those responsible for transporting heavy equipment are skillful and experts in their field, and they are fully equipped for the job.

In order to be ready for pickup, we recommend that you speak to the transporter ahead of time. You want to make sure the transporter has the right permits that are needed for the transport. You can also ask the transporter what steps you need to take in order to prepare your construction equipment. The transporter may recommend that you carefully secure the doors or that you cover the tractor levers.

If you want to make sure you prepare your construction equipment correctly, we recommend that you review your manual before doing anything. Your manual should provide you with essential information on how to prepare your construction equipment for shipment. If you think you have everything you covered, we still recommend that you check your manual. You may discover that you have skipped a step during your preparation.

Since your construction equipment will be transported during various weather conditions, we definitely recommend that you cover construction equipment parts that may be defenseless against weather conditions like rain, snow, and wind. You have to be prepared for any type of weather when any type of equipment is being transported.

Before your construction equipment is picked up or dropped off, you should always check with the transporter to make sure you have all the necessary information. You will need to know where the pickup and drop-off points are.

If you are planning to ship construction equipment, contact a transporter who will make this a smooth transition.

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Do You Need To Use Flatbed Trucking For Your Next Shipment?

Those who are newcomers to the transportation industry generally find themselves a little overwhelmed with all the transportation options that are available to them. One of the main questions many people will ask is: “What type of transportation service will I need to move my shipment?”

There is no one-size-fits-all answer because the answer will depend on a variety of factors. Before deciding on any type of transportation for your next shipment, you should weigh all the pros and cons of the factors before you make a final decision.

Some of the key factors you will have to consider when you are involved in freight shipping are listed below:

  • The type of goods or cargo you plan to ship
  • The monetary value of the shipment
  • The size and weight of the equipment
  • The time frame in which you need the shipment to be delivered or received
  • Any extra care or special treatment that needs to be given

Once you have narrowed down the basics and the essentials, you will be able to find the best transportation service for your shipment, regardless if you have plans to ship full truckload, partial shipments or less than truckload shipments.

There are various types of trucks that are used to carry freight. Every option will have its pros and cons, and this is why it is important that you carefully decide which option will meet your shipping guidelines and expectations.

Flatbed trucks do not have a roof or anything on the sides. In the trucking industry, flatbed trucking is generally used to transport the following:

  • materials for buildings
  • cars
  • construction equipment

When you use flatbed trucks as a means of transportation, the equipment can easily be placed on the truck by using a crane to remove the goods from the top. The goods can also be removed from the sides. You will find that many flatbed trailers have beds that are leveled, and this will make it easy for one to load and unload.

Do you think you should utilize flatbed trucking for your next load? Are you new to the trucking industry and need some advice on transportation services? Make the right decision and help your next shipment arrive intact.

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Heavy Haul Trucking Transportation: Don’t Take Your Search Lightly

When you need to utilize the services of heavy haul trucking services, you need to know that the company you plan to hire will be able to handle the large task safely. Generally, you will want to provide a professional company that has specialized services and great customer service, but that is only a few things that you need to place at the beginning your list.

If you are getting frustrated with your search for heavy-haul trucking services, you suggest that you keep the following things in mind:

Reputation Does Matter

Sometimes people can underestimate the power of one’s reputation. The reputation of a company in the transportation industry should never be underestimated. Any heavy haul equipment transportation service you are thinking about hiring should have multiple people willing to provide their feedback and opinions, preferably positive. If you receive feedback or if you read reviews, we encourage you to consider everything you have been told.

Experience Counts For Something

It does not matter what promises the transportation service make, the results are what matter the most. You should choose a transportation service that employs people who love what they do. When you choose a transportation service that loves their job, they will take pride in their work.

If the transportation service you are considering is experienced, they will be capable of being flexible and versatile. A transportation service that has various capabilities will be able to handle every job with accuracy. Do not take your transportation search lightly. You should choose a transportation service that will have a professional team of people, great communication, and excellent customer service.

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Make Transporting Your Heavy Machinery Convenient with an Experienced Trucking Service

If heavy machinery is an essential part of your business, then finding the right company that can support all of your transportation needs is just as important. Cargo loads that exceed maximum weights and sizes require additional paperwork, attention to detail, and safety considerations, and using a transportation service instead of moving the equipment yourself can make the task much easier.

How can Great Western Transportation make transporting heavy machinery easier for your company?

  • You don’t have to worry about maintaining the permits and insurance for transporting oversize loads. Navigating the regulations and permit requirements for transporting heavy machinery can be tricky, especially if you don’t regularly transport goods across state lines. By using a transport service to transport oversize and overweight equipment, your company isn’t held liable for any transportation risks or damage.
  • Our logistics experts can find the best routes to deliver your machinery safely and quickly. Different states have different laws for oversize cargo, and picking the right interstate route is a matter of evaluating both the costs of transportation along a direct but heavily regulated route and a less direct delivery. Whether you need oversized cargo delivered in a matter of hours or you have customized cargo that other trucking companies won’t ship, we can find the best way to get it to its destination.

No matter what you need to move, Great Western Transportation can transport it safely, quickly, and conveniently. Go to our site here to learn more about our services for oversize and overweight cargo.

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2 Key Questions to Ask a Trucking Company Before Hiring Them to Transport Your Heavy Machinery

Transporting heavy machinery probably isn’t a daily need for you or most people, but when you hire professional truck drivers, you’re going to want to find one who has extensive experience moving heavy machinery and equipment. If you end up with a less qualified driver with little experience, it puts your machinery at risk for being damaged during transport. Let’s take a look at two key questions to ask a trucking company before you hire them to transport your heavy machinery.

  1. What Protective Measure do You Take to Ensure My Equipment is Safe? Clearly, you wouldn’t just trust the average guy off the street to move your machinery; that’s why you are looking for a professional company in the first place. But don’t just take professionals at their word. Make sure to ask them what procedures they will take to ensure your equipment is safely put into the truck, transported to the next destination, and removed from the truck. Being a highly skilled truck driver isn’t enough; they must also be experts at protecting your machinery on the road.
  2. What Makes Your Drivers Qualified to Transport Heavy Machinery? Transporting heavy machinery is a specialized skill which obviously means that whoever is driving the heavy machinery must be well-versed in that skill. However, skill alone is not enough. You also want to ensure that the driver has received the proper education and driving in order to transport the equipment and that they have the correct licensing and certification. Ask the company want makes the drivers qualified to move your equipment before hiring them.

For more info, contact us today!

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Happy Thanksgiving

The team at Great Western Transportation would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Holiday weekend!


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