Shipping Construction Equipment Across the U.S. and Canada

Is your construction company shipping equipment across the country for a job? Perhaps your business is selling construction equipment and needs to get it to an auction location for sale. No matter what the reason, Great Western Transportation can help ship construction equipment across the U.S and Canada.

We are accustomed to dealing with all of the nuances of moving heavy, large, and unusually sized equipment. Many pieces of construction equipment are hauled with a heavy haul trucking service. This involves using special trucks and trailers which match the size of the equipment being moved.

Excavators, bulldozers, graders, front loaders, and more—we can move them all. There are several ways we use our expertise to make this transport as easy as possible. One way is that we know if we need to take special routes to avoid roads and bridges that have weight limits. We will plot our course based on the weight and size of the equipment. We also know if we will need special permits from government agencies or municipalities to make the trip.

If you schedule a transport with a less experienced shipping company, you could run into problems with routes and permits. But our drivers are experts at moving challenging loads. Oversized and overweight shipments are not intimidating to our experts.

Some construction equipment doesn’t require heavy haul shipping can simply be loaded onto a regular flatbed trailer for shipping. Flatbed shipments can be made as less-than-truckload (LTL) and full truckload (FTL) depending on how much construction equipment you need to move.

If you have construction equipment to transport and want to make sure it is done safely and efficiently, please contact us today at Great Western Transportation. No matter the size, weight, or shape of the shipment, we are experienced and ready to make the shipment so you are ready for that next job.

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You Won The Auction: Transporting Equipment Bought at an Auction

How many things can you think of that remain constant? We cannot think of anything, except for change. As technology continues to drive us, we are still facing a variety of issues just as we did years ago.

After you make the winning bid on the equipment you wanted, you will still have a variety of things to address. One of the most important things you will need to address is your transportation method. You will also need to address other concerns, such as purchase contracts, weather, and the delivery deadline. Yes, those were the same problems people had many years ago before technology became a major part of our lives.

However, there are various things you can do to ensure you are able to safely transport the equipment you bought at an auction.

Know The Dimensions Of Your Winning Item

You are going to need to find a transportation service you will be able to trust because you will need your equipment to be delivered safely and promptly, right? However, before you find a transportation service you will need to know the correct equipment dimensions because you will need to find a transportation service that can haul your equipment. You do not want to assume that your equipment will fit, only to be disappointed when the transportation service arrives. The best thing you should do is measure the equipment so you can get the right details.

Make Sure Someone Will Be Available For Delivery

When you hire a transportation service to deliver equipment, you will have to do your part and make sure someone is available when the delivery date arrives. Communication is very important in every industry, and the trucking industry is no exception. When you share contact information with a transportation service, you should make sure all the contact information and arrangements are correct. You do not want the transportation service to arrive at your location and no one is there.

There are various ways for you to find a reliable and trusted equipment transportation service. You will want to do your due diligence because you will want to find a transportation service that has the capability and expertise to transport the most complicated loads.

Congratulations on getting the equipment you wanted! Now it is time to get that beautiful piece of equipment delivered to your desired location.

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LTL Trucking And Online Dating: What’s The Connection?

We all love technology, right? One of the ways technology is used today is in the dating world. Today, many people are creating online profiles to help them find that special person they have been searching for to share their life with. As people start to date online, it will become difficult for them to keep up with all the profile views, private messages, meet-ups, etc. When does the person know when the time is right to settle on one person and move forward?

We know what you are thinking, what does online dating have to do with the trucking industry? Companies can go online to search for profiles of LTL trucking companies, search for rates, and look for quick responses. When it is your turn to search for an LTL trucking transportation service, we want to help you find the right partner who will be worthy of your time and attention.

What Is In Their Online Profile?

One of the most important things you should make sure you do is accurately view the transportation service’s online profile. It can be easy to skim over a profile, especially when you are not sure what you should actually be looking for. You should search for information about the rates, accessorial charges, height requirements, storage requirements, etc. The transportation service you are considering should provide this information and more so you can get to know the real them.

Where Do They Work?

Many people who are online dating do not provide information about where they live because they want to protect their safety and their privacy. One of the best ways to learn about the transportation service you are considering is to gain an understanding of the type of environment they operate in. Visiting an LTL trucking’s warehouse will give you an understanding of how they operate. You will be able to analyze their capabilities and their level of production.

What Do Others Have To Say?

You can learn quite a bit about a person when you talk to other people who know them better than you do. In the case of a transportation service, you can talk to some of their previous customers and clients so you will be able to validate the feelings you have towards the transportation service.

After you have gathered all this great information and you have decided to stick with one transportation service, it is important that you remain faithful and committed. One of the best ways to have a strong relationship is to communicate with one another. Communication will give you the best chance to remain competitive in your industry. Are you ready for a commitment?

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Heavy Haul Trucking News: Tesla Unveils Electric-Powered Semis

In the latest heavy haul trucking industry news, Tesla Motors revealed their plans to launch electric-powered semi trucks in 2019. The founder of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, revealed more specific information about their upcoming line of innovative trucks recently at a press conference.

The new Tesla Semi truck will be able to haul 80,000 pounds up to 300 or 500 miles at 60 mph. Besides that impressive feet, the truck only needs thirty minutes or less to fully recharge. A fully loaded electric semi can also go from zero to 60 mph in 20 seconds.

According to Musk, the semi truck will consume less than 2 kWh per mile. The semi operates with four independent motors on its rear axles. Drivers can monitor the truck’s safety features, including its automatic emergency braking features and lane departure warnings, using the touch screen inside the cab. These safety features can make it easier for truck drivers to safely navigate the road while hauling goods. Musk also revealed that the company designed the semi truck with built-in accommodations that will make it easier for truck owners to use autonomous driving in the future.

Industry insiders believe truck owners and operators may decide to invest in electric trucks and add them to their commercial fleets so they can enjoy lower fueling and maintenance expenses. Electric trucks can help offset the costs of rising labor costs.

However, critics still doubt the conversion from diesel trucks to electric ones will happen overnight in the commercial trucking sector. They are also cautious about the overall torque and hauling capacity of electric trucks. Tesla Motors is not the only automotive company focusing on building electric vehicles. Their announcement comes on the heels of other large automotive and technology companies announcing their plans to start manufacturing electric trucks so there will be more electric vehicle options.

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Power Trucking done right with Great Western Transportation

With so many goods being loaded and unloaded, constant movement of freight and logistics to delve into, the trucking industry is a busy, 24/7 operation with many situations and challenges to adhere to. One of those challenges arise when a customer has their own loaded trailer of time sensitive cargo, but no truck or professional driver to move it anywhere. What happens then?

Power Only Trucking

In this case, Power Only Trucking is the necessary answer. Power Only Trucking is when a truck and professionally trained driver are hired to transport your products and trailer to it’s required destination. No need to worry about doing it yourself. A certified pro has you covered.

Does Great Western Transportation provide Power Only Trucking?

Absolutely! Take it from our satisfied customers:

“Great Western transported my trailer with excellent service”

With an affordable and practical method of delivering your cargo in a timely, and safe fashion, Great Western Transportation provides power only trucking throughout the continental United States and Canada, offering:

  • Pulls for most any kind of trailer; flatbeds, chassis, exhibition trailers, special event trailers
  • Specialize in heavy and overhaul transport
  • One way or round trip transport
  • Trucks that come with a sliding 5th wheel to accommodate your trailer’s configuration

And more!

Big or small businesses, Great Western Transportation services it all. We’ve worked with various businesses ranging from medical, entertainment, machinery and others.

With over 100 years experience in the trucking industry, take your worries away by contacting Great Western Transportation. Please contact us to get started, or for your free power trucking quote.

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Transporting Heavy Machinery and Facing New Obstacles

Size and Weight Ranges

When people think about the obstacles related to the process of transporting heavy machinery, they might immediately wonder how large the machinery has to be in order to qualify as heavy in the first place. The majority of the equipment used in the fields of manufacturing and construction will probably be heavy in an objective sense.

It is possible that companies will run into problems when they’re trying to ship equipment that is very heavy. However, this usually won’t be an issue if the shipment will weigh significantly less than 46,000 pounds. Still, this should give organizations an idea of some of the weight ranges involved with this process.

Dimensions and Shipments

When it comes to transporting some pieces of heavy machinery, the weight might not necessarily be the issue. It’s possible that people will have to worry about the width of the load, or even the height. Heavy machinery is often wide and tall, which can make the shipping process more complicated.

If the width of the equipment is less than eight feet six inches, the people involved usually won’t have to worry about facing additional challenges when they ship it. Permits will be required when the shipment is over eight feet six inches, which can complicated things with which state it will be going through.

Equipment that is more than eight feet tall might also be difficult to transport, which is also something that the people involved should consider. Construction equipment that is this tall might also be wide or heavy.

Increasingly Complicated Processes

It’s clear that transporting machinery does get more and more difficult the heavier it gets. Organizations will even have to cope with new regulations once their shipment passes into a particular size range.

However, there aren’t always a lot of effective alternatives for many companies, and it is possible for this overall process to proceed in a smooth manner. Working with an experienced company like Great Western Transportation should help the organizations that need to ship heavy machinery, regardless of whether or not the shipping process will be complicated.

May 3, 2018 | | Category: Flatbed, Heavy Haul

Refrigerated Trucking with Great Western Transportation

In the trucking industry, the name of the game is to get what you have to the place you want — and to do it in the safest, most efficient means possible. At the heart of this motto, is refrigerated trucking. At Great Western Transportation we offer refrigerated trucking that in a timely and safe manner, keeps your time-sensitive materials in pristine condition.

What is Refrigerated Trucking?

It is a shipping method that specializes in transporting goods and various items of perishable worth (food, specimens, etc) in a temperature-controlled environment. Each trailer is refrigerated and specially insulated to provide optimal safety and control.

Refrigerated Frozen Chilled Freight TL LTL Shipping Trucking

What are the Benefits?

Your goods will have a variety of benefits when packed in a refrigerated atmosphere:

  • Protection: Long haul, heavy truckers drive all over the country. A temperature controlled climate can keep easily-perishable goods from spoiling quickly.
  • Temperature Control: Refrigerated trucks are built to specifically keep your haul at a certain temperature. So no need to worry about over-freezing or under-cooling.
  • Value: Fresh goods are valuable. Refrigerated trucking offers consumers the opportunity to eat fresh fruit or vegetables from across the country without fear of spoiling.

What do we Offer?

Whether Full Truckload (FTL) or Less Than Truckload (LTL), you want a service that offers variety for your freight. And that’s what we do. Frozen or chilled; Great Western Transportation has you covered. With up-to-date refrigerated trucking trailers, our certified professional drivers will deliver our freight on time and in prime condition. Our 53-foot trailer trucks/vans provide:

  • Maximum cube and bulkhead capability
  • Suspension-system cushions that keep your goods in top condition
  • Able to deliver goods from -20 to +90 degrees Fahrenheit, and hold it at your convenience until pickup

And more!

At Great Western Transportation, we have over 100 years of industry experience. Trust the professionals, and contact us for your refrigerated trucking needs.

April 20, 2018 | | Category: Refrigerated Trucking

Tips On Transportation Of Heavy Machinery

Moving heavy machinery from a particular location to either a construction or manufacturing site is a process that requires rigorous planning. The reason is that the whole procedure is quite technical and it can cause damages or injury if one fails to engage the right people, and when you do not observe the precautionary measures in place.

Here are some tips on how to move such equipment safely and successfully.

Choose The Correct Vehicle The choice of the vehicle to transport heavy machinery will determine the ease with which it will arrive at the set destination. It will also guard against possible damage to the equipment and any injury it may cause during transportation. Therefore, seek to find a vehicle that will fit the haulage and one with some provision to secure the shipment firmly.

For instance, if you are moving columns, you will require more than an average trailer. Also, extendable trailers become a necessity in this case, if you wish to have the job done to satisfaction.

Observe The Law The laws that regulate the transportation of machinery form part of the primary elements of consideration when preparing to move such equipment. Therefore, all individuals in the transaction should acquaint themselves with all the legal requirements for this kind of transportation. That will encourage all to conform to the laws in place, thus facilitating seamless moving of the haul.

Transport companies engaging in such activities can furnish you with all the requirements of the laws relating to moving of heavy machinery. Alternatively, you can get these details from the government offices within your locality.

Secure The Cargo After selecting an appropriate vehicle to offer the service and ensuring that you meet the requirements of the law, you are now set to move the load. Securing the haul tightly before leaving the premises is critical in guarding against such incidences as detachment along the journey.

When that happens, it exposes other road users to severe danger or injury.

April 6, 2018 | | Category: Flatbed, Heavy Haul