We Are In The Middle Of Another Trucking Season

Many transportation services can easily separate the months of the year into different trucking or shipping seasons. When transportation services first begin in the industry, everyone is usually jumping in pretty quickly and learning things as they go along. However, it does not take long for everyone in the trucking industry to identify what times of the year are the busiest and what times are slower than usual.

Customers are constantly contacting transportation services to look for trucks at different times of the year, and there are times when transportation services are experiencing a heavy flow of customers. There will be good seasons and bad seasons, but we can always separate shipping and trucking into different seasons.

The beginning of the year is typically a slow season and it can be referred to as the quiet season. As the third month of the year comes to a close, customers are looking to find a transportation service that provides the type of truck they need to transport their equipment or goods. As the summer approaches, the transportation needs begin to increase and it will remain that way throughout the summer. During the final months of the year, businesses are rushing to get their products on the shelves before the holidays and things become quiet again as the holidays come and go.

Right now, we are in the middle of spring and summer is approaching. The load volume is increasing as products are being moved and transportation services are needed. Product harvest season is here and customers are looking for transportation services that can transport their goods in a safe and timely manner. Transportation services offer an outstanding value that many people do not realize until they need a transportation service.

Have you run into a transportation issue in the past that you want to avoid this season? Great Western Transportation can provide the transportation service you need to manage your freight.

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Weigh In On The Facts Of Transporting Heavy Machinery

Transporting heavy machinery requires the help of a professional to protect your equipment and to protect you from the liability of losing control of your equipment during transport. Oversize and overweight shipments are very common in the construction and manufacturing industry. Transportation efforts for heavy machinery have different needs. More importantly, heavy transport require unique permits and specified transporting criteria. The goal of a professional transporting company is keeping you and your equipment safe and under the required safety regulations.

What Is The Process Of Transporting Heavy Machinery

Heavy machinery must first be prepared for transport. Companies are expected to prepare for the transport process with the proper documentation and by preparing the cargo. The United States classifies a superload as a truck tractor with an attached trailer that includes an overweight or over dimensional load. Superstructures that are particularly heavy require the most attention for safe transport. It’s very important that the company you choose have specific knowledge of the heavy transport industry. In fact, heavy transport may also require oversize cars and specialized freight carriers that require a unique driving permit. There are numerous options for heavy machinery transportation.

Why Customers Choose Great Western Transportation

Great Western Transportation takes pride in transporting your heavy machinery across town or across the country. When you’re transporting monstrous machinery down the road, you expect a professional transportation company that you can trust. We specialize in quality drivers that are able to get your machinery from point A to point B hassle-free.

Our specialty in transporting includes:

  • agricultural machinery
  • construction machinery
  • over dimensional machinery
  • heavy haul equipment
  • specialized equipment

Great Western Transport is your complete trucking service. GW Trans will coordinate the logistics for the most complex shipment that your company may need delivered. You’re encouraged to contact us at Great Western Transportation for cost competitive, safe, and the timely transport of your heavy machinery and equipment today.

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Choose GW Trans For The Safe Transport Of Your Construction Equipment

Shipping construction equipment requires unique preparation for your transport to be a success. When you hire a professional to transport your construction equipment, you expect them to have expertise in oversize machinery and equipment. More importantly, getting your equipment and machinery to your job site can make all the difference in a successful construction project. Safely transporting your construction equipment can also reduce your chances of costly liabilities due to damaged equipment, injuries, or accidents. GW Trans discusses the basics of transporting construction equipment below.

How To Successfully Transport Your Construction Equipment

Measurements. The first step for preparing your construction equipment is getting your exact measurements. Measuring your construction equipment will help you list it accurately, acquire the proper permits, and help you determine what type of transportation trailer is needed. The experts at GW Trans know exactly how to measure your equipment according to the exact industry standards.

Choose Your Trailer Type. Your width, height, and length will determine what size trailer is needed to transport your construction equipment. Manufacturer specifications aren’t enough to determine the actual measurements of your construction equipment. To clarify what type of trailer your construction equipment will need, exact dimensions are required. Tip: Your trailer can be too big, but it can never be too small to transportation your construction equipment.

Preparing your equipment for transport. Preparing your equipment is the most important part of the transporting construction equipment. To avoid liability of debris flying off your cargo or extra weight, you should always wash your construction equipment before transporting it to another location. Other important factors include a secure leveling spot, posing the machine for travel, and covering the stacks.

Common Construction Equipment:

  • excavators
  • tractors
  • bulldozers
  • cranes
  • loaders

Great Western Transportation are the experts in transporting construction equipment. We understand that shipping construction equipment can be challenging because of the weight of the equipment. GW Trans takes extra care with your bulky and heavy equipment. We also have experience in hauling heavy equipment that you’ve bought at an auction. Transporting heavy equipment can vary substantially and GW Trans ensures that everyone involved is well informed. Our team of professionals are comprised of single and team drivers. You’re invited to contact us at Great Western Transportation for expedited transit times at competitive prices for your construction, freight, oversize, and over-dimensional transportation needs. With over 100+ years combined experience, let us prove we’re your premiere trucking service.



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Shipping Container Relocation Problem? Call Great Western!

The Shipping Container Revolution

The repurposing of new and used shipping containers has introduced solutions to many problems, such as affordable housing, short and long-term storage, and innovative commercialized projects. Storage is one of the top uses for repurposing these, not-so-expensive, steel containers.

  • Farmers use them for storage around their lands for equipment, hay, and tools.
  • Commercial businesses use them to store the information they cannot destroy, but need to keep for years.
  • People are becoming minimalists, and scaling down their living space to reap the rewards of a less-expensive and exciting lifestyle.
  • Organizations are using them to help rebuild communities and set up help stations after weather-ravaging storms leave homes in total destruction.
  • Entrepreneurs are using them to create unique customer experiences.

The Logistical Problem with Owning a Shipping Container – Relocation

When a shipping container is rented, it most likely can be moved, for a small fee, by the rental business. But, if you own a shipping container, relocating it can be a headache. There are things you must consider if you need to move a shipping container, as found on Super Cubes LLC

  • What is the distance you want to move your container?
  • What is the container size, and what is the total weight, especially if it’s being moved fully loaded?
  • How are you going to load it for transportation?
  • Should you have it fully loaded before it’s picked up for trailer placement?
  • How should it be loaded?
  • Do you need permits, if you need to move it along the roads and highways?

Let Great Western Transportation Handle All of Your Container Moves

Why even worry about everything you have to know to relocate a shipping container. That’s what the team at Great Western Transportation takes care of all the time. Great Western’s Power-Only division handles everything for you. We safely relocate your shipping container with total compliance.

All you need to do is call us, and we’ll get all the information we need, give you a great price, and you will have the company you need to help you whenever you need us in the future. It’s what we do, and it is our goal to make life easier when logistics and power are standing in our customer’s way.

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When Are Time-Sensitive Shipment Services Necessary?

Time is a critical factor of consideration for most shippers because it affects their relationship with customers. Upholding your company’s reputation is necessary if you want to win the confidence of your clients and that suggests that late deliveries are not an option. In that case, meeting the expectations of your customers when you promise to deliver on time should be a priority because fulfilling this requirement will improve the image of your enterprise.

As you seek to meet the requirements of your clients as a shipper, you may discover that standard delivery times may not be the ideal option for the need at hand. Time-sensitive shipment services become the right choice for shippers requiring urgent delivery. Here are some of the scenarios that demand time sensitive shipment services.

Installation Schedules Requiring Precise Delivery

Unavailability of the necessary materials or fixtures can cause unnecessary delays when a new construction project is underway. For instance, when it is time to install office windows, the contractor will require them on site, and any delays can result in additional costs. Time-sensitive delivery services withdraw the uncertainty of meeting set schedules, which means that this option can cut the hourly labor cost of construction projects.

The Demand to Meet An Appointment

Some companies only accept deliveries within a specific duration and shippers may not fulfill orders within that window if they work with standard transportation times. Time-sensitive shipment services are fast enough to meet a day-specific or time-specific appointment thus minimizing chances of late deliveries.

The Need to Fulfill Cross Border Orders

Ground transportation is not an option if you have little time to ship goods or a critical part across the border because it is expensive, and the probability of late delivery is quite high. Shippers who opt for time-sensitive transport services for cross border shipments can access such custom air services as deferred air shipments, same-day flights, and air charters, which are faster and cheaper.

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This, Not That: Reasons Why Heavy Haul Trucking is Right for You.

Having a heavy load to be transported can be a daunting task. Moreover, lacking the knowledge of which is the best way to get it delivered makes it even worse. You might be wondering, why should you pick Heavy Haul Trucking? Luckily, it has never been that easy and convenient as with Heavy Haul Trucking. Here is why Heavy Haul Trucking is the best way for you.

  • Deliver your ultra heavy and massive oversized load to your destination.

Having ultra heavy cargo and wondering how to get it delivered to your destination? Take a breath as Heavy Haul Trucking takes care of that. Heavy Haul Trucking makes arrangements for a diverse array of heavy hauling equipment such as lowboys, double drops, extendables, removable goosenecks and other specialized trailers. This way, no matter how heavy or massively oversized your load is, it would always be delivered to your destination safely and within the shortest time possible. Moreover, drivers of Heavy Haul Trucks are highly trained and experienced, this way accidents are minimal and safe delivery is guaranteed.

  • Route assessment taken care of.

Route assessment is crucial when shipping freight for long distances. Many routes are not equipped to handle heavy loads. Likewise, regulations vary among countries. When hiring for Heavy Haul Trucking, all this is taken care of. Heavy Haul Trucking makes sure that the route taken is equipped to handle heavy loads thus keeping your load safe!

  • Heavy Haul Trucking acquires permit and escort for your Cargo.

Heavy Haul deliveries mostly would require permits and escorts and getting them is daunting and time consuming. But why struggle so much when there is a solution for you? Heavy Haul Trucking makes arrangements for permits and escorts of your cargo. Hiring a Heavy Haul Trucking gets all this done and ensures your load is delivered safely and without violation of regulations at your comfort.



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3 Heavy Haul Trucking Tips You Need to Know

Heavy haul trucking is in many ways the Holy Grail of transportation services. It requires years of experience and/or specialized training to become a heavy haul trucker, due to the additional regulations that are required. However, with this added responsibility comes added prestige and of course, higher pay – which is why so many truckers gravitate towards heavy haul trucking. But there are three important things to keep in mind before you make the leap.

Know the Regulations

It would be much simpler if every state had the same laws governing heavy haul trucking, but that isn’t the case. Some states require additional permits or even an escort, while others don’t. And it will be your job to research the heavy haul regulations in every state you will be traveling through on the way to your destination.  Always be sure you know exactly what you can and can’t do before you begin your journey.

Plan Thoroughly

Of course it’s always important to plan your trip, but this goes double for heavy hauling. You’ll need to map out your trip in order to know the regulations in each state, and to avoid problematic areas such as toll roads. You might want to take a route that’s a few miles longer but goes through fewer states, so you have fewer regulations to research. You also need to plan what kind of rig you will use for your freight. Trailer and axle configurations will make a big difference regarding which roads you will be legally permitted to use, so be sure to choose the best one for the job.

Safety First

Safety is always first priority but especially with a heavy haul. Not properly signalling or exceeding the speed limit can easily lead to a multi-car accident when you’re hauling 50,000+ pounds. Get there efficiently, but get there safely.

At Great Western Transportation, we have the skill and experience to help you with planning and carrying out your next – or first – heavy haul. Email or call us today at 1-800-972-8484 to find out more!

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Useful Tips in Shipping Construction Equipment

The process of transporting heavy equipment requires attention to details in the auto shipping industry. Today, advancements in transport make it possible to deliver your heavy equipment wherever it is needed, anywhere in the nation and also overseas.  Besides, the use of shipping services is prevalent in many industries and manufacturers. Before you start planning on how to get your dozers, excavators, and any other heavy equipment loaded for transportation, you will need to know a few things.

Know Dimensions of the Equipment

The shipping company you’re using will need exact measurements. Furthermore, in most states, dozers wider than eight-feet six inches will usually call for oversize permits. Essentially, it is not possible to reduce the width of the dozer to fit within the set width standards.

It is also possible that your dozer will as well challenge the state set height limits. Obtain these measurements (from the top of the cabin to bottom) in advance and plan appropriately. Again, the maximum allowed height with depend on the trailer that is being used. Safety banners come in handy when transporting oversize cargo. Further, you can also use hazard lights and signage.

Additionally, you need to prepare heavy equipment for transportation:

  • Do not expose the stack to the chance of wayward debris falling through the smokestack of the heavy machinery during shipping. Mitigate against the risk by covering the chimney.
  • You will want your machines to start on arrival at the destination. As a precautionary measure, unplug batteries to prevent them from draining.
  • It is a certainty that the wind will force unlocked doors to flap during transportation. It is vital to secure the doors tightly either by latching them or zip tying the doors shut.
  • Debris will unquestionably add to the weight of your equipment in addition to obscuring handholds. Wash the machines before getting to ship them.

Proficient shipping agents versed with the required needs can provide safe transport of your heavy machinery. Avoid the hustle of having a checklist by using a reputable firm!

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