How to Solve the Logistical Headaches of Heavy Haul Trucking

Heavy Haul Trucking, or trucking that involves the hauling of loads that meet the definition of being an oversized load, is no easy feat. Getting the load onto the trailer may be the easiest part of the whole journey, as legally speaking, there are many other considerations when it comes to hauling heavy loads. However, all that headache and stress can be avoided simply by hiring Great Western Transportation.

The government has a lot of laws and regulations about hauling heavy loads. Most of these laws are actually state and local laws, and so they can change depending on the route that the truck and its load takes. These regulations are related to many aspects of the haul, such as how tall the load is, how wide the load is, how heavy the load is, etc.

At Great Western Transportation, our expert team will handle all of that legal work for you. No matter where in the continental United States or Canada that your load will need a permit, we’ll get one. If the government demands that your load have an escort vehicle follow it around, we’ll provide one too. In addition to that, we’ll also handle everything else in relation to the haul.

We’ll ensure that it’s securely strapped onto the trailer so that it remains safe throughout the journey. We’ll also provide any additional equipment that’s necessary to safely transport your load. Our drivers are professionals and they’ll haul your loads quickly and with the utmost care. When you choose Great Western Transportation to haul your oversized loads, you’ll rest easy as you’re guaranteed that your load will reach its destination safely and on time.

If you or your company needs to move something that’s considered oversized or overweight, please contact us today for a quote. We also offer other hauling services for smaller loads as well!

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We’ll Haul Your Construction Equipment

If you’ve just finished a build or a job at a certain location and need to haul your construction equipment elsewhere in the continental United States or Canada, Great Western Transportation is the company for you. Our experienced and knowledgeable drivers will use their expertise to quickly and efficiently haul your construction equipment or other heavy loads across the country.

Our drivers and their trucks can handle a great many heavy or overweight loads. We’ve hauled construction equipment ranging from bulldozers and excavators to crane trucks and crawler lifts. If you have construction equipment, our drivers can safely and securely haul it on their trucks and move it to your desired destination, so long as it’s in the continental United States or Canada.

In addition to that, Great Western Transportation and its drivers are veteran operators in the trucking and transportation business, and we’ll handle all the paperwork associated with moving a heavy load across the country. This paperwork and extra logistical work include the permits necessary to haul heavy loads across various states, which we and our truckers have. It’ll also include having an escort vehicle that will drive along with the truck to ensure the safety of the public and the security of the equipment that’s being hauled, and we’ll provide that escort vehicle and escort driver as well.

No matter the construction equipment you or your company need hauled across the country, Great Western Transportation can accommodate it and haul it in a timely manner. Our drivers have years of experience transporting construction equipment of all shapes and sizes and they can haul almost anything you need them to haul. So if you or your company is interested in our transportation services, please feel free to contact us today if you have a question or for a quote.

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The 5 Stages of Transporting Heavy Machinery

Heavy machinery, whether for construction jobs or manufacturing purposes, is delicate and should be handled with extreme care. At Great Western Transportation, we understand how great an investment heavy machinery is. This is why we go the extra mile to keep your investment safe and in good condition during transportation. We do this by adhering to our five stages of transporting heavy machinery

  • Stage 1: Planning

Before we set out to transport any heavy machinery, we like creating a clear picture of what is expected during the process. This is what our planning stage is all about as well as analyzing the heavy machinery requirements and addressing expected transportation challenges.

  • Stage 2: Selecting The Suitable Transport Vehicle

Depending on the characteristics of the heavy machinery being transported, we will find the most suitable vehicle for transportation. Our wide range of flatbed trucks, heavy haul trucks, and special trucks provides us with exactly what we need.

  •  Stage 3: Noting Heavy Machinery’s Important Data

After finding the most suitable vehicle to transport heavy machinery, the next step is to understand the heavy machinery being transported. We note down all crucial data such as the dimensions and weight to ensure that it is handled properly when being transferred onto the transport vehicle.

  •  Stage 4: Securing Cargo

This is the most significant safety precaution we take when it comes to transporting heavy machinery. We ensure that after the cargo is loaded on to the transport vehicle, it is appropriately secured before any journey begins.

  • Stage 5: Legal Requirements Compliance

Before any heavy machinery transportation journey is approved and released, all legal requirements must have been met. We ensure that our transportation process is in line with all requirements, and no laws are violated from the state of origin to destination.

With over 100+ years of combined experience in transporting heavy machinery, we guarantee an exceptional experience. Contact us today to have your heavy machinery transported.

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What Is Power Only Trucking, and How it Works

Many people wonder what is power only trucking, and how does it work. Many companies have their own loaded trailers, but no drivers or trucks to transport them to their destination. When you hire a company for power only trucking, they provide the truck and driver to haul your trailer and cargo to where it needs to be. Power only trucking is available for many different loads and locations. Power only trucking can be designed to cater to your business, without you having to worry about the logistics.

Power only trucking is an increasingly popular way to transport goods and equipment across the country. This is partly due to the fact that it is not economical for many companies to own their own trucks and hire their own drivers, due to the large costs associated with each. It is even popular with companies that own their own trucks because often times they don’t have a truck or certified driver available when needed, so they hire a power only company to take care of it.

Power only trucking is designed to fit your needs and your trailers needs. In order to work for all customers the trucks utilize an adjustable fifth wheel hitch that can accommodate many different trailer sizes and types. Power only trucking can be used for flatbed trailers, tanker trailers, dry van and refrigerated van trailers, shipping containers, heavy equipment, e.t.c. Different size trucks are available as well as oversize load hauling to transport even the heaviest loads. In order to get the best service, it is best to know the specifications of your trailer and cargo, before setting up a truck and driver to best suit your needs.

It is often hard for smaller companies and even larger companies to find reliable, certified drivers that can haul their cargo on time and safely. When you hire a power only trucking company you are hiring professionals and are ensuring that your cargo is hauled by a certified driver. If you are looking for power only trucking, or any other type of trucking service, contact us at Great Western Transportation.

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Need to Haul Solar Panels Across the Country?

Solar energy is all the rage when it comes to home utilities. People from across the continental United States and Canada are looking to install solar panels on their roofs and elsewhere on their household. So whether you’re a solar power company in New York or Vancouver, you might be wondering how you’re going to haul solar panels from where they’re made all the way to where you need to install them. The answer is Great Western Transportation.

When it comes to hauling solar panels, we know how to do it right. With our Flatbed Trucking service, our drivers are able to safely haul solar panels from wherever they’re made in the U.S. to anywhere else in the continental United States or Canada that they’re needed in. Our flatbed trailers are the best option when it comes to hauling something as delicate as solar panels, and they’re also the best way to move a lot of them too.

By choosing Great Western Transportation, you’re also choosing safety and security in our experience and knowledge. Our drivers and staff will secure all the solar panels onto the flatbed trailers with the necessary straps and other equipment to ensure a safe journey. Depending on the type of flatbed trailer that you choose, the haul may be considered an oversized load, and our veteran drivers can deal with that too.

In such an event, our drivers will have all the necessary permits to haul the oversized load and we will even provide the escort vehicle and driver that’s legally required in some states and they will work to further ensure that the journey goes smoothly. So by choosing Great Western Transportation when it comes to hauling your solar panels, you’re choosing our guarantee that your solar panels will be at its destination, safe and sound.

If you have any questions about our Flatbed Trucking service or if you want to get a quote now, please contact us!

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Use Heavy Haul Trucking for Your Wind Energy Needs

New wind farms are sweeping across America and providing renewable energy to millions of people. But what many don’t know is how those gigantic wind turbines get moved from the factory to the wind farm. This is where transportation services like Great Western Transportation comes in. We offer companies the ability to move their heaviest loads, including the turbines and other equipment necessary for wind farms, across the country to their destination.

Wind farms can be built in many areas of the country but the plains of the midwest are a very popular region to have them in. Getting the necessary equipment and turbines moved from wherever they’re built to its destination at the wind farm is a very tough task that Great Western Transportation is determined to accomplish for its customers.

There are many things that customers looking to move heavy things across the country must know about this task and why Great Western Transportation is capable of doing the job. First and foremost is the fact that heavy haul trucking moves loads that are commonly called oversized or overweight. This is a legal challenge as states have different regulations for it and permits are required on a state by state basis.

Special routes must be planned for the haul as the infrastructure the haul uses must be able to handle the weight of the load. Other regulatory requirements include a need for an escort vehicle to ensure the safety of other commuters, the load itself, and the roads themselves. Great Western Transportation is one of the country’s leaders at hauling heavy loads across the continental United States and Canada and we will do all the necessary work to complete the haul. We are also proud to take part in building the renewable energy infrastructure of the country.

If you’re looking to haul wind turbines, other wind energy equipment, or other heavy loads across the country, please contact Great Western Transportation today.

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Ship Your Construction Equipment With The Help Of The GWT Professionals

A construction project is usually a big job with a lot of heavy equipment being used. The type of equipment being used for your construction job will often times have a tremendous impact on the success of your project. Without the proper construction equipment, project delays and loss of revenue are inevitable. Learn how Great Western Transportation (GWT) can safely and effectively transport your construction equipment to and from your project.

How GWT Will Transport Your Construction Equipment

Great Western Transportation understands the need to ship heavy equipment according to industry standards, how to get it their intact, and on time. In fact, we understand that construction equipment is heavy and large by nature. Our professionals are prepared to used the most common form of construction equipment transport including roll-on and roll-off (RO-RO). Great Western Transportation also offers:

  • step deck
  • double drop deck
  • flat-bed

However, when you have specialized transport needs, we’re proud to serve our clients with the highest standard of customer service excellence. We have the proper flatbed truck for any job including LTL flatbeds and other trailer equipment to make for a smooth haul of your construction equipment. GWT engages in partial construction equipment transport as part of our specialized shipping. This means, we’re prepared to handle your construction equipment transport at any size.

Why Great Western Transportation Continues To Be The Top Construction Equipment Transport Professionals

To Great Western Transportation, carrying up to 46,000 pounds is no problem. It’s valuable to note that we have experience with diverse types of shipping and hauling projects. GWT gets your equipment to your project site stress free and in line with your budget. With different requirements for each customer, we have a strong knowledge of heavy equipment compliance laws. When you’re trying to meet a deadline on a construction project, you’re invited to contact us at Great Western Transportation for your construction equipment transport needs.

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What You Need To Know When Transporting Heavy Machinery for Construction

As you think of transporting heavy machinery, the safety of your equipment should always be kept in mind. A trustworthy professional will come in handy to ensure that the chances of losing or damaging your equipment are kept very low. Construction jobs require diverse overweight shipments that have unique transportation needs.  Professional transporting companies work with two things in mind – deliver your heavy machinery safely and maintain safety regulations while at it.

Transporting Heavy Machinery

Transportation processes often begin the preparation of cargo. For your heavy machinery, the company will need proper documentation. They will then prepare a suitable superload, a specialized truck for transport. The superload contains an overweight object (the cargo) that exceeds the standard permit limit. Different states have different regulations for the size and weight of the superload.

A successful oversized load shipment also depends on handling the legal considerations appropriately. Escort Vehicle Operators to safely escort the super load are required for specific oversize loads.

Opt for a company that is well-versed with handling heavy machinery to guarantee the safety of your cargo. Do they have specialized freight cars? Do their drivers have special driving permits? What is their track record in the transport industry? Ask yourself all these questions before making up your mind.

Why Choose Great Western Transportation

Great Western Transportation is a reliable partner for all your heavy machinery transport expeditions. Our top-notch drivers will take cake care of your large machinery and ensure that they are delivered in good time. We are well-equipped to deliver any over-dimensional and overweight machinery.

We specialize in:

  • Heavy haul equipment
  • Construction machinery
  • Specialized equipment
  • Agricultural machinery

Great Western takes pride in a client base that keeps coming knocking on our doors thanks to our efficient logistics services. Contact us and get your construction project up and running once we get your heavy machinery to you. We will manage the whole shipment process efficiently and take care of all the legal issues. You can count on our 100+ years of combined experience. Contact us for more info.

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