Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

While our headquarters is in northern California in the Bay Area, we are closely networked into trucking outfits and businesses needing freight hauling all across the country – from Los Angeles to Kansas City up to Boston and down to Miami. Every city and town in the continental U.S. is covered by our networking, and so we are in a kind of hub center for the weather patterns of the U.S. Our area was hit before Christmas by a huge very wet, windy (like a good blowing gail) storm that stretched up the west coast and dropped feet of snow in the Sierras and moved on eastward.

Now a historically massive winter storm hit the Midwest and east coast over the Christmas weekend with super cold temperatures going down as far as Texas, heavy snows and high winds and off the great Lakes houses were entirely covered in otherworldly skins of thick, wind-blown snow ice.

Nearly 80 lives have been lost in this great storm, and cities like Buffalo, NY, are still digging out of the record-setting blizzard.

Flatbed trucking, heavy hauling and refrigerated loads virtually ground to a halt in many Midwest and east coast areas for a few days, and fortunately no truckers were hurt or lost in this deadly storm that spread across dozens of states. Trucking drivers and equipment were tested in the severe cold, snow and wind conditions as they got caught in situations they couldn’t avoid. And those that could rode it out in shelter.

We remained open and helping shippers getting their loads going as much as possible during the storm. And now there’s a lot of catch up to do.

For all the truckers out there and the companies that need their talented services, we wish you Happy Holidays and Happy New Year for 2023 and may it be a year of good fortune for all in the trucking industry.

December 25, 2022 | | Category: Flatbed, Heavy Haul, Refrigerated Trucking