Benefits of Women Truck Drivers

As our last blog discussed, women have been driving big trucks as amateurs (whatever needs being done on farms or ranches) and professionally (paid to drive hauling trucks) since the very early 1900’s. Some of them achieved a fame and notoriety akin to Calamity Jane, and were hired even as test drivers for large truck manufacturing companies.

Here at Great Western Transportation, our trucking jobs use women drivers routinely from coast to coast and driving all kinds of rigs—including the really big boy oversize loads.

From our research, here are some of the benefits of having women driving your loads from where you want them picked up to where you want them dropped off, through historic snow storms to Death Valley desert heat and everything between.


  • Omnitracs did a study in turnover in trucking and women exhibit lower turnover in both driving and management. They stay with companies longer than men, which means you’re saving money as it takes considerable budgets to onboard and train new talent.
  • Women actually get more experience on the road then men, as measured in the critical yardstick of miles driven. They drive more miles per time period than men on average, which means you get your goods delivered faster.
  • Women are the safest drivers, according the American Transport Research Institute. Compared to men, women are 71% less likely to have a reckless incident or negligent incident, 56% less likely to have a seat belt violation, and 58% and 59% less likely to run a red light or be convicted of speeding 1- 15 miles over a posted speed limit.
January 25, 2023 | | Category: General