Moving the Extra-Big and Unusual Loads with Expertise

At Great Western Transportation, we are the expert trucking service providers, delivering the most economical and safe solutions for moving freight within the United States and Canada. One of the areas of our expertise is in flatbed trucking. There are specific types of flatbed trailers to transport freight loads that are oversized in width, length, or weight. Some of which may be all three. Whether construction equipment, oversize product parts such as turbines, or homes, we can help you move it. (See a list of all the heavy hauls we can help you move.)

The Flatbeds for Hauling Oversized Loads

There are four flatbed trailer types for oversized hauls, and we make it our business to know what trailer is the best for your load.

– Extendable flatbed trailers are for hauling extra-long materials such as construction pipes or building lumber.

Lowboy trailers are necessary for hauling unusual tall loads that would otherwise not pass the legal height limit.

– Removable gooseneck trailers make it easy for large equipment to be driven onto the trailer and off without backing up.

Drop deck trailers are another type of trailer used for tall freight loads over the height limitations.


Route Planning is Key to Safely Moving Oversized Loads

Part of moving oversized loads is mapping out the most efficient route. Not all roadway paths, especially bridges, are safe for these unusual loads. At Great Western, we are the experts in oversized freight route planning.

Part of Route Planning is Permitting

When it comes to oversized loads, rules vary between the states. Transporting oversized freight across multiple states will most likely require state-specific permits. Once we determine the most efficient route, we handle all the permitting.

We’re Connected and Delivering the Best in Oversized Hauling Solutions

When you are our customer, you have a network of the most efficient trucking solutions for big hauls that will expedite your loads with the best in pricing, with safety always in mind. We are proud of our structured network, and the team at Great Western Transportation is here to take care of all your oversized trucking needs.

December 15, 2023 | | Category: Flatbed, Heavy Haul