5 Ways Flatbed Trucking Is Used in Construction and Manufacturing Industries

Flatbed trucks are the unsung heroes of the construction and manufacturing industries. These versatile open-bed trucks transport everything from raw materials to heavy machinery to oversized finished products. With their ability to handle bulky, irregularly shaped items, flatbeds provide capabilities beyond what enclosed box trailers can accommodate. They are an important link in the supply chain for assuring cargo is safely transported from point A to point B. Below are five common uses for flatbed trucking across the construction and manufacturing industries.

1. Transporting Construction Materials

In construction, flatbeds transport large, heavy components used to build infrastructure and buildings. One of the biggest contributors to efficient construction projects is the ability to transport heavy structural components. Flatbeds are perfectly suited for this job. With their open decks, they can easily accommodate massive steel beams, pre-cast concrete sections, wall panels, and other oversized building materials. Constructing modern infrastructure would be incredibly difficult without the use of flatbed trucking.

2. Moving Heavy Construction Equipment

In addition to structural materials, flatbeds can also be used to transport the heavy equipment used to manipulate and assemble those components. We know you are aware that excavators, backhoes, cranes, bulldozers, and other machinery can be difficult to load into enclosed trailers. But they can be easily wheeled up loading ramps onto flatbeds and strapped securely in place. This allows construction crews to reposition gear quickly between different locations.

3. Delivering Manufacturing Materials

On the manufacturing side, flatbeds are key for keeping factories stocked with raw materials. From lumber to steel coils to spools of cable, these industrial inputs often come in cumbersome sizes and shapes. Flatbeds provide an ideal transportation method for these irregular raw goods. Safely delivering high volumes of raw stock is what keeps manufacturing production flowing as smoothly as possible.

4. Shipping Oversized Finished Goods

Once goods have been produced, flatbeds make way for oversized finished products to be shipped from factories to their destinations. Farm machinery, generators, turbines, and other oversized equipment also fit nicely on the spacious decks of flatbeds. For manufacturers, having this shipping capacity is key to getting finished products into the hands of customers.

5. Moving Support Vehicles

Flatbeds are also useful for transporting the support vehicles used on construction sites. Forklifts, mobile cranes, and concrete mixers are all regularly hauled on flatbeds between locations and job sites. Having the ability to efficiently move these utility vehicles allows smoother construction operations.

The versatility of flatbed trucking makes it an integral tool for industries like construction and manufacturing. For moving inputs and outputs, flatbeds keep these industries running efficiently. At Great Western Transportation, we understand the role flatbeds play in construction and manufacturing, and that is why our experienced team provides reliable flatbed trucking services to keep your oversized loads moving.

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October 17, 2023 | | Category: Flatbed, Heavy Haul