Safely Transport Oversized/Overweight Shipments With Heavy Haul Trucking

Sometimes, the shipments that you want to transport are bigger or heavier than usual. They might include industrial machinery, boats, farming equipment, construction equipment, turbines, mining equipment etc. In order to transport these effectively, you’ll need heavy haul trucking. You might need to use a lowboy trailer, a flatbed trailer, an extendable trailer, a multi-axle trailer, a perimeter trailer etc. The exact type of truck you use will depend on the dimensions and the weight of the thing that you are trying to move.

Requirements of Heavy Haul Trucking

If an item is oversized or if its weight goes over certain defined limits, you may only be able to move it on certain highways which have been especially built to handle these kinds of shipments. You may also need to get special permits to move this type of equipment through certain states. A P/EVO (a pilot/escort vehicle operator) will also be needed, depending on which states the equipment will be passing through. About twelve states currently require that oversized loads be transported by a trained, certified P/EVO.

Smooth Transportation of Heavy Loads

If your shipment is larger or heavier than usual, then it’s going to require special equipment to transport it. It will also require special permits and a special operator. So it’s important to have your shipment transported by professionals who are aware of the special requirements of heavy haul trucking. These professionals will make all the arrangements needed to transport your shipment before it leaves from its starting point, and they’ll make sure that it reaches its destination without any issues along the way.

Dimensions and Weight

Keep in mind that any load which goes over 13 feet 6 inches in height, 8 feet 6 inches in width and a length which varies from state to state is considered oversized. A load which goes over 80,000 lbs in weight is considered overweight. If you suspect that your load may be oversized or overweight, the first step is to determine its exact dimensions and weight. Once you let your trucking company know what these are, they will be able to advise you about the next step. With the right type of truck, the right permits and, possibly a P/EVO, your shipment will be safely transported to its destination.

March 21, 2024 | | Category: Heavy Haul