What Kind of Flatbed Truck Is Right For You?

A flatbed truck is needed to transport large, oversized items which may not fit in a conventional truck. In order to carry items such as these, you need a truck where the bed is flat, with no sides or roof. Flatbeds also come in a variety of sizes and can be used to carry loads of 3 to 30 tons. Flatbeds are usually 8-10 feet wide, but their length can range from 18 feet to 48 feet. An extendable flatbed can even reach a length of 75 feet. Even in terms of design, there are different types of flatbeds.

Step Deck

In a step deck, the flatbed has two decks. The one closer to the cab is higher while the one behind that is lower. To go from the lower deck to the higher deck, it feels like you’re stepping up. This pattern makes it easier to load and unload the flatbed. It’s also great to transport heavy loads of up to 45,000 pounds.

Double Drop Deck

There are two drops in this kind of flatbed which means that it dips in-between the two axles. As a result, these kinds of flatbeds are great for transporting things that are tall and heavy; you won’t need to be concerned about low bridges or restrictions when it comes to headroom when you use a double drop deck. Double drop decks can be used to transport loads of up to 80,000 pounds.

Regular Flatbed

In a regular or standard flatbed, the bed is absolutely flat, without any drops or steps. You can carry a number of things on a regular flatbed, such as machinery, furniture, lumber etc. It has a ramp which can help to load and unload the cargo. It may also have a rack to prevent the load from moving around. It may also have stake pockets on the side where ropes/cords can be attached to secure the cargo.

Extendable Flatbed

An extendable flatbed, as the name suggests, is extendable. If the truck is needed to carry loads which are larger than usual, the extendable flatbed can be pulled out to accommodate it. A normal flatbed is usually 40-50 feet while an extendable is 40-75 feet.

February 6, 2024 | | Category: Flatbed, General