Unique Things to Know About Heavy Haul Trucking

Moving items from point A to point B may seem easy enough to do, but that isn’t always the case when that material is oversized. For example, the following types of items may require special hauling methods to get them where they need to go:

  • Farming equipment
  • Military equipment
  • Construction materials

These are all vital pieces of infrastructure, and it is necessary to use heavy haul trucks to move them where they need to go.

What is a Heavy Haul Truck?

A heavy haul truck is specifically designed to move the oversized materials described above. It is a four-axle semi-truck that contains 1 steer, 1 pusher, and 2 drives. This design allows the truck to take on those particularly heavy loads that other trucks simply cannot. As such, this truck is uniquely designed to take on the workloads that other types of trucks simply could not.

What Makes a Heavy Haul Truck Special?

Aside from the design specifications mentioned above, there are also other reasons why a heavy haul truck is considered unique and special. For example, it is necessary for special permits to be obtained in many cases. Those permits are required simply because of the size and dimensions of the materials in question. In addition, drivers of heavy haul trucks may be required to obtain special licensing before they can operate a heavy haul truck.

These trucks are a unique asset that help keep the economy moving forward. Without the unique services and benefits offered by heavy haul truckers, it would be impossible to move certain pieces of freight where they need to go.

Given the fact that the entire economy relies on the ability to move goods where they need to go, it is imperative that heavy haul trucks continue to do what they need to do. The next time you see what out on the road, just recognize that it is a truck built specifically to handle the large load that it is carrying.

May 15, 2024 | | Category: Flatbed, Heavy Haul