Vets Are Vital Contributors to Vital Trucking

Great Western Transportation strives each day to provide the best possible personal service for all companies needing heavy haul, flatbed, power only or refrigerated hauling. Unlike many companies in 2023 we are personally with the client every step of the journey. So a person, rather than some computer driven AI app, is handling your freighting needs. Yet, we also deploy new-edge technology for driver communication, tracking and other performance vectors so that it’s as if our GWTrans manager of your job is right there with the driver. Then, we’re able to communicate all this info to you as the hauling job progresses.

A few posts ago, we discussed how women have been involved in trucking as drivers since trucking’s beginnings in the early 1900’s, and how in 2023 women are an enormous force in trucking from driving to management.

Our armed services vets are a prominent force in trucking, a benefit for both trucking and for the vets coming out of the military. The Truckx blog quotes a combat veteran of four tours as saying: “Trucking lets me run on my own time, on my own schedule,” he said. “Everything the way I want it, the way I say it.” Vets coming out of service often find it difficult to find a job – even in a hot job market like we have now. But trucking has and is providing jobs across a wide range of expertise, including truckers with their own company, skilled drivers to big rig mechanics and dispatch communications experts, and managers.

In the US there are now 18 million veterans and the trucking/transportation industry employs one out of every four, and one out of every ten is a trucker.

By 2030 the American Trucking Association says the US will be needing to expand by 160,000 drivers. In 2022 the industry was short of drivers by 78,000.

We’re proud to have vets among the drivers who take our clients loads everyday across the highways and roads of the nation.

March 24, 2023 | | Category: General