Save Money by Taking Advantage of LTL Trucking

In today’s highly competitive business climate, minimizing inefficiency and cutting costs are both paramount to a company’s success. As a company finds innovative ways to operate more efficiently, it must find out where unnecessary expenses can be cut, and the logistics and shipping departments are certainly no exception. Whether your company is a multinational mega-corporation or a small mom-and-pop establishment, you can save time and money while still being able to meet or exceed your customers’ expectations by utilizing LTL trucking as a part of your logistics solution.

What is LTL Trucking?

LTL (or Less than Truck Load) trucking refers to a type of service offered by a freight carrier wherein multiple shipments that do not use the full capacity of a trailer are consolidated. This allows freight from multiple clients to use the same trailer, thus maximizing efficiency. Since a standard semi-trailer is usually 48 or 53 feet long (about 15 to 16 m), predictably, many businesses find that they need to make shipments that would not utilize all the available space. Using LTL trucking can greatly reduce the cost of making shipments while decreasing the amount of time materials spend waiting to be shipped as well as the amount of time being moved. By utilizing LTL services to make better use of a trailer, freight carriers are able to offer very competitive prices that would otherwise not be possible using other methods. Even large, high-volume companies make use of LTL trucking as a part of their logistics solutions because of the flexibility it offers.

Why Should I Use LTL Trucking?

If you’ve never considered LTL trucking, or have only used it infrequently, now is a great time to reconsider integrating it into your logistics solution. While LTL trucking may be an excellent, money-saving option in its own right, you may find that using this option will help to cut costs in other areas. For example, using an LTL service may mean that your company can reduce the amount of time goods spend waiting to be shipped, taking up valuable warehouse space. Saving money while making more frequent shipments will mean better customer satisfaction while reducing the amount stock kept on-hand and an increase in productivity. Of course, effective use of LTL transportation will greatly cut shipping costs, too.

Great Western Transportation recognizes that your business has unique needs and offers comprehensive solutions to ensure that those needs are met. We offer Dry LTL trucking, Refrigerated LTL Trucking, and Flatbed LTL trucking solutions, as well as many additional services that other carriers do not offer, such as Lift gate services, palletizing and shrink wrapping, distribution, re-delivery services, warehousing, and more. In addition, we service both the U.S. and Canada. Please contact us and one of our authorized representatives will assist you in developing a logistics strategy that works for you.

August 14, 2020 | | Category: Flatbed, LTL