Power Only Trucking: Supplying The Power For Trailers

How can a trucking company consistently save money on various expenses? If you own a small carrier business, there is a really good chance that you have asked yourself that this is the first time you have heard or asked this question. The average cost of a truck and/or trailer repair and maintenance increases every year. While owners can ensure they incorporate various tactics, such as the following:

  • using safe drive practices
  • performing regular inspections of the truck/trailer
  • ensuring tires are properly rotated

While these tactics can certainly have an impact on maintenance and repair costs, these are not the only practices that can be used to help you save money. When you take time to look beyond the truck, trailer, and other equipment you use, you will be able to find additional ways to save money. When you want to ensure that your trailers are properly maintained, the cost of maintenance can certainly increase. This is why some carriers decide to use power-only trucking.

When you use power-only trucking, a truck and a driver will be hired to transport your trailer and the products to the intended destination. There are power only shipping services that will allow you to move your shipment to a destination in the same area, an extended distance, another state, or in international territory.

Some of the common uses for power-only trucking transport include the following:

  • using flatbed trailers to transport equipment
  • moving equipment on shipping containers
  • tanker trailers

You can choose the company and the drivers based on the type of equipment or goods you want to carry. Many drivers are typically chosen based on the level of experience they have in transporting a specific type of shipment. While the majority of cargo and equipment may be transported through company-owned trucks and trailers, there are transportation services that supply just the power for the trailer movements.

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April 14, 2020 | | Category: Power Only Trucking