Getting Ready To Transport Equipment With Heavy Haul Trucking

If you are planning to transport equipment with heavy haul trucking, you need to make the proper preparations.  Making the proper preparations will save you time and money.  It will also make it easier and less stressful to transport your equipment.

Here are several things to take care of before using heavy haul trucking:

Know your timeframe

Heavy haul trucking isn’t something you can do at the last minute.  Depending on the item that is being transported, you may need weeks or months to get everything ready.  As soon as you think you might need heavy haul trucking, you should start getting prepared.

Get the proper permits

When you are transporting large machinery, you will need to get permits.  You may need to get permits for every state, county, and municipality that your equipment will be transported through.

Getting permits may take several weeks and each permit will cost money.  Once you have determined the transportation route, you should apply for your permits as soon as possible.

Determine your equipment’s exact dimensions

You need to know your equipment’s exact dimensions before your equipment is transported.  The last thing you want is a piece of equipment getting stuck under a bridge.  To be certain, don’t rely on the manufacturer’s specifications.  Instead, measure it yourself and confirm your equipment’s exact dimensions.

Prepare your equipment for transportation 

Make sure you know how you are transporting your machinery.  Are you dissembling part or all of the machine to make it easier to transport?  The manufacturer of your equipment may also have tips on how to prepare your equipment for transportation.

Also, make sure to clean your equipment.  Equipment covered in dirt or mud adds weight and therefore will cost more to transport.  In addition, cleaning your equipment makes it safer to transport because it gets rid of any dirt or rocks that may fly off the equipment.

Need to send equipment with heavy haul trucking?  Contact us today!

If you need to ship equipment with heavy haul trucking, contact us today!  We can guide you through the process of shipping your equipment.

April 2, 2020 | | Category: Heavy Haul