Flatbed Trucking: Transporting Equipment To A Job Site

One of the most common types of trailers that are used for hauling time-sensitive shipments and construction equipment to and from a job site is a flatbed trailer. Why are flatbed trailers used more often when construction equipment needs to be transported?

Flatbed trailers are used often because of their ability to carry construction equipment and building materials up to nearly 50,000 pounds. Also, flatbed trailers will generally have a length that can range between 48 feet to over 50 feet.

Flatbed trailers are known for their capability to handle nearly everything. When construction equipment and other building materials need to be transported, one will need a flexible form of transportation. Flatbed trailers are some of the most versatile trailers in the trucking industry. Flatbed trailers are used to transport the following(and more) materials:

  • Bricks
  • Lumber
  • Scaffolding

Another reason flatbed trailers are used so often because of the ability to add and remove materials on the trailer. The flat surface of the trailer makes loading and unloading a little easier when compared to using other types of trailers. It is important to remember that using a forklift may be necessary to safely load and unload heavy construction equipment.

Flatbed trailers and trucks will continue to be an essential piece of equipment in the transportation and construction industry. When one needs to transport heavy loads and loads that contain oddly-shaped equipment, flatbed trucking is often the go-to transportation method.

Flatbed trucks can also be used to transport tractors and other farm equipment. Flatbed trucking is generally the preferred method to transport the farm equipment because driving the farm equipment from one location to another may not be the safest way to transport it.

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March 16, 2020 | | Category: Flatbed