4 Benefits of Using Flatbed Trucking Services for your Next Big Project

For your next big project or time-sensitive shipment, you might want to consider flatbed trucking services. Flatbed trucks provide you with multi-directional loading options. You don’t have the limitations of loading up your cargo (or unloading it) at the front or back of the truck or a certain side. Basically, there are no boundary walls that will limit your ability to ship large cargo.

Benefits of Flatbed Trucking Services

Some benefits of using flatbed trucks are:

1. Large Load Capacity

A flatbed truck is designed to handle very large loads. They’re able to handle heavy weight that typically would be too ┬ámuch for other vehicles and trailers. For instance, flatbed freight includes:

  • Building materials
  • Large equipment
  • Large machinery

Because you can fit a lot on flatbeds, it means you’ll make fewer trips to and from.

There’s greater dimensional flexibility as well, making flatbeds the safest and best choice for heavy or large loads.

They also handle oddly shaped loads well too. In some cases, the problem with cargo isn’t that it’s too heavy, but rather that you can’t fit it through the trailer door. For example, a few items you’d likely have problems with if you weren’t relying on a flatbed truck are:

  • Manufactured home
  • Crushed cars
  • Prefabricated parts

2. Versatility

Other trucking options, like hot shot drivers, can’t handle certain jobs because they’re not equipped properly. When you use flatbed trucks, however, you load up the freight from the tip, rear and sides. This versatility makes the process of loading and unloading simpler and doesn’t take as much time to do.

3. Reduced Number of Trips

With flatbeds, the increased storage space allows you to load up as much cargo as possible. This means less time you spend driving to and from locations for multiple hauling trips. When you reduce your driving time, it will result in more efficient delivery times, which is most trucking companies’ ultimate goal. Over time, it will lead to less fuel consumption and increased savings.

4. Convenience

Flatbed trucks are more convenient too. You move loads on a flatbed safely and carefully using a crane or winch, unlike with hot shot drivers, for instance, that use manual labor to load up their vans or trucks.

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August 30, 2021 | | Category: Flatbed