Heavy Haul Specialized Trailer Trucking for Heavy Cargo Shipping

specialized heavy haul trucking

Flatbed trailers are designed to handle different cargo sizes, but generally their maximum weight limit is 48,000 pounds.

What do you do when the flatbed trailer weight limitation is reached?

The answer is a specialized multi axle trailer, these trailers go by many names, but for now we will refer to them as multi axle trailers.

Multi axle trailers are designed to carry freight well into the 50 to 160 tons of cargo range, there are also dual lane trailers that are capable of freight transport in the 200 to 225 ton range.

The number of axles varies from one manufacturer to another, the more common axle configurations are: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 20.

Multi axle trailers are capable of transporting heavy cargo by using the large number of wheels to distribute the weight of the freight over a large area. The design of the trailer allows for greater maneuverability through intersections and turns, considering that they may be up to 132 feet long.

A limitation on the weight a multi axle trailer can transport is the towing capacity of the tractor, there are cases where multiple tractors are used to both pull and push the trailer.

When you have heavy duty construction equipment that you have purchased or sold, or you have to move your equipment to a another work site a multi axle trailer will be required. Most items that are heavy such as: prefabricated structural parts, industrial parts and all other objects weighing in the 50,000 to 200,000 pound range.

The advantage of heavy haul trailers is their ability to transport extremely heavy freight, but there are several drawbacks. Their design and manufacturing is more complex and expensive, the maintenance that is required is more expensive also. These factors all combined equates to higher operating costs of multi axle trailers, which means the freight transportation costs will be significantly higher.

Reserve the use of multi axle trailers as an option when standard flatbed trailers cannot handle the weight of the load.

The minimum turning radius of a multi axle trailer becomes larger as the number of axles increases. This should be considered when loading the trailer, there must be enough space for the trailer to be positioned so that the load may be placed onto the trailer.

The heavy haul operator will give you more details about the space and clearance requirements and guidelines for the freight loading process. Therefore, explain the method you will be using of loading your freight with the heavy haul company. You should do this in order to avoid costly delays or the need for additional equipment and any other complications that will prevent scheduled shipment of your cargo. Note that multi axle trailers may be of the drop down type, thus dock loading will not be possible.

As the premier heavy haul trucking service provider we ensure that oversized or overweight loads are transported by experienced drivers who know what precautions must be taken to ensure everyone’s safety, as well as the safety of their vehicle, your cargo, and the vehicles on road with them. We have access to specialized equipment required for transporting heavy loads safely, efficiently and we will acquire all the necessary permits to transport via heavy haul trucking routes.

We ensure that each load is properly loaded and transported, and that all travel is in accordance with all state and local laws; escort cars are provided when necessary, and all necessary precautions are used to get to the final destination safely.

Great Western Transportation will arrange and expertly oversee the transportation of the most difficult heavy haul shipments your company may encounter, including, but not limited to: Beams, Boilers, Compressors, Concrete Commodities, Condensers, Injection Mold Machines, Incinerators, Generators, Stamping Presses, Transformers, Trusses, Turbines and other excessively heavy and oversized loads.