LTL Trucking Ideas

Truckers and logistics provides are always seeking ways to serve the customer and ship goods cheaply and quickly.  Less than Truck Load (LTL) shipping has become more and more popular as a way to save money and move goods efficiently.

The main concept of LTL trucking is that a customer does not have enough goods to fill an entire shipping container or truck. They can pay for the entire thing or wait for another customer to come along that can have the goods delivered to the same or nearby warehouse. That drastically reduces the price for both parties.

Logistics providers are using LTL trucking more and more to serve customer needs. They are also using more sophisticated software to map out their trips, coordinate schedules and combine goods to fill trucks as much as possible while still delivering the materials in the least amount of time.

There are four special types of trucks that ship goods around the country.

what is less than truckload ltl


These trucks are obviously kept cool just as a refrigerator is.  They primarily haul perishable goods such as food but sometimes electronics and other sensitive materials.


Trucks that are kept dry are in a way the opposite of refrigerated trucks.  These vehicles are the most common type and generally keep goods free of dust and dirt. They prevent water damage by their thick interiors as well.


These trucks are open and are good for irregular sized equipment that are hard or impossible to fit on a typical dry truck. Goods must be strapped in extremely tightly.

Heavy Haul

These trucks have special chassis to carry especially heavy goods such as industrial equipment. They are reinforced with stronger steel and also have more powerful breaks, engine and other equipment.

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