Three Things That Make Flatbed Trucking Services Unique In The Industry

Semi trailers come in a variety of types, and sizes, from dry vans to refrigerated trucks, to tankers, and flatbeds, there’s a trailer specifically designed to carry every cargo type. There are trucking companies that specialize in hauling each kind of cargo, but flatbed trucking services, however, are in a unique position within the industry. They have a great ability to haul a huge variety of cargo types. What’s more, these trailers don’t require a special loading dock, they can be loaded and unloaded practically anywhere. They’re also the trailer of choice for heavy haul and other over-size loads.

Cargo Potential

The most obvious attribute that sets flatbed trucking companies apart from their dry van counterparts, for example, is the fact that the trailer is completely open. Walls and ceilings in a dry van restrict the amount of cargo space, limiting what they can carry. Building materials from lumber to bagged concrete mix to landscape boulders and construction equipment are commonly transported via flatbeds. A flatbed, however, can be loaded with a variety of items that are too bulky, tall, or wide to fit within an enclosed trailer.


Flexible Loading/Unloading

Dry van trailers, refrigerated trucks and tankers all require special loading docks and equipment to safely load and unload cargo. There are many ways, however, to load cargo onto a flatbed trailer and it can be done just about anywhere. In some cases, equipment is driven onto the trailer using ramps. Other times, cranes or forklifts are used to lift cargo and place it on the trailer. The thing that truly sets a flatbed apart from other trailers though, is the fact that they can be loaded from the top, left, right, or rear with equal ease.

Over-Size Cargo

Huge excavators, cranes and earth-moving equipment are necessary for huge construction projects. Moving this massive machinery and equipment isn’t easy, in fact, it’s a complicated process that requires a great deal of planning and coordination. This begins with the specialized flatbed trailers heavy-haul companies use. They are able to withstand the rigors of transporting the largest, heaviest loads. Over-size loads need special permits, and are subject to weight and size restrictions, and must be routed accordingly. They may also require pilot cars to help them navigate the roadways to avoid traffic, infrastructure and other potential obstacles.

The unique services that flatbed trucking companies offer makes them a valuable asset to the construction industry. It’s the flatbed trailer, however, that’s the real hero. They’re the most flexible trailers in the trucking industry, capable of hauling cargo that no other trailers can. Without them, it would be impossible to transport the building materials and equipment needed to complete projects

January 27, 2017 | | Category: Flatbed