The emergence of refrigerated trucking will leave its impact on business logistics for the rest of time. Refrigerated trucking has made it possible to transport foods and other goods that are susceptible to spoilage after traveling for long distances.

In the beginning, ice blocks were placed in the back of the refrigerated trucks and vans as a way to cool the goods. Things are certainly different now because refrigerated transport has become advanced enough to hold a variety of goods and cargo, and sometimes this will include prescription medication.

At Great Western Transportation, we love sharing news and other information that are relevant to our industry. Today, we want to provide you with a few fun facts about refrigerated trucking that you may not have known.

The Start Of Refrigerated Trucking

Refrigerated trucking was introduced in 1842 by the Western Railroad of Massachusetts during the winter season. During this time, railroad cars were used to haul goods. Eventually, the train cars started to use ice, but this method would only work when the weather was cold because warmer weather would cause the ice to melt.

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Can You Imagine This?

Can you imagine living in a world where you could only travel 50 miles with produce or other food because it would spoil if you drove a longer distance? Can you imagine a time when you could only eat food that was in your local area and in season at the time? Well, this was the world many people lived in before there was refrigerated trucking. Produce was not able to travel far before it spoiled and consumers could only eat would could be grown locally.

More Fun Facts About Refrigerated Trucking

  • The 1940s marked the introduction of mechanical refrigeration units


  • Refrigerated trailers are referred to as reefers in the transportation industry


  • Refrigerated trucking can be used to haul medications, produce, fresh goods, art, and more


  • A refrigerated truck that is maintained properly can drive up to more than a million miles

Transportation that requires refrigerated transportation is going to need the experience and professionalism of a service that will get the job done the right way. Great Western Transportation is committed to providing you with the quality service you need for your upcoming transport.