With so many goods being loaded and unloaded, constant movement of freight and logistics to delve into, the trucking industry is a busy, 24/7 operation with many situations and challenges to adhere to. One of those challenges arise when a customer has their own loaded trailer of time sensitive cargo, but no truck or professional driver to move it anywhere. What happens then?

Power Only Trucking

In this case, Power Only Trucking is the necessary answer. Power Only Trucking is when a truck and professionally trained driver are hired to transport your products and trailer to it’s required destination. No need to worry about doing it yourself. A certified pro has you covered.

Does Great Western Transportation provide Power Only Trucking?

Absolutely! Take it from our satisfied customers:

“Great Western transported my trailer with excellent service”

With an affordable and practical method of delivering your cargo in a timely, and safe fashion, Great Western Transportation provides power only trucking throughout the continental United States and Canada, offering:

  • Pulls for most any kind of trailer; flatbeds, chassis, exhibition trailers, special event trailers
  • Specialize in heavy and overhaul transport
  • One way or round trip transport
  • Trucks that come with a sliding 5th wheel to accommodate your trailer’s configuration

And more!

Big or small businesses, Great Western Transportation services it all. We’ve worked with various businesses ranging from medical, entertainment, machinery and others.

With over 100 years experience in the trucking industry, take your worries away by contacting Great Western Transportation. Please contact us to get started, or for your free power trucking quote.