Flatbed Trucking Sacramento CA

Do you need a flatbed in Sacramento CA for delivery anywhere in US and to Canadian delivery locations?

Sacramento CA has numerous companies and businesses that need hauling services that are competitively priced plus provide on time deliveries and pick ups.

Several of the major companies and businesses situated in the Sacramento CA vicinity are:

  • AAA Industries Inc
  • All Terrain Campers Inc
  • Bisco Industries
  • Cal Cap Industries Inc
  • Caltek Resources
  • Duracite Mfg
  • H & W Industries
  • King Welding Fabrication
  • Pacific Building Industries
  • Pride Industries

If you are a newbie or not so frequent flatbed tractor trailer shipper here are some tips we would like to offer you to make your shipping experience with Great Western Transportation the best possible and ensuring your shipment is within your budget and that you receive the best possible service.

Flatbed Tractor Trailer Shipping Q & A

Do you provide tarps and tarping over loads?
Yes, as long as you tell us this when booking the truck.

Do you provide trailers with side-kits?
Yes, we can get a tractor-trailer with side-kits, you must specify this when booking the trailer.

Do you have trailers with ramps?
Yes, we can get a tractor-trailer with ramps, you must specify this when booking the trailer.

I require a Conestoga trailer, can you provide this type of trailer?
Yes, we can get a Conestoga trailer, you must specify this when booking the trailer and tell us the exact dimensions of the freight.

Can you provide a Landoll trailer?
Yes we can, however, we must know well in advance at booking time.

Do you provide forklift service?
The driver or we do not provide forklift services.

If my equipment is very expensive, are you insured for expensive freight?
Yes, we can always get supplemental insurance. At trailer booking time our freight consultants always ask the value of the freight and recommend an appropriate insurance coverage  option.

Do you provide crating services?
The driver or we do not provide crating services.

Do you provide an LTL option for flatbed trailer transport?
Yes, less than truckload is available. Call us with your freight dimensions and we will confirm LTL availability.

Flatbed Trailer Availability

  • Conestoga / Curtain
  • Double Drops
  • Extendable Flatbeds
  • Flatbed 48 foot or 53 foot
  • RGN (Removable GooseNeck)
  • Specialized Trailers / Talbert / Heavy Haul
  • Step Deck
  • Stretch Double-Drop
  • Stretch RGN

Shipment Info:

  • Dimension L x W x H
  • Weight (Total) – Round Up Numbers
  • Item Count
  • Pick-up Time and Date
  • Pick-up Location
  • Contact Person
  • Office and Cell Phone Numbers
  • Delivery Location
  • Contact Name
  • Office and Cell Phone Numbers
  • Additional Freight Details

Flatbed Trucking Companies:

When your freight has to be loaded by a crane you will require a flatbed trailer.