Flatbed Trucking Roseville CA

Dependable and spot market rate flatbed transport is vital to all businesses that require freight movement which can not be handled by a standard dry van.
When your company will require a standard flatbed in Roseville, CA for freight shipping anywhere in the continental US and to Canadian delivery locations, get a flatbed quote from Great Western Transportation.

The flatbed trucking specialists at Great Western Transportation are here for you! Just a call or click away.

In today’s competitive business climate shipping of commodity or operational supplies and equipment is an important factor for a businesses’ bottom line.

Numerous businesses located in Roseville, CA require flatbed trucking services that are competitively priced and provide on time deliveries and pick ups.

Some of the major companies and businesses located in the Roseville, CA area are:

  • Chattin Industries, Inc
  • C M O R Mfg
  • K H Industries Inc
  • Pacific Air Industries
  • Spinner Heavy Industries
  • Sierra Manufacturing Representatives LLC
Flatbed Trucking Roseville, CA

Flatbed Tractor Trailer Transit Q & A

Can you provide multi-stop or multiple delivery stops for my shipments?
Yes, we can transport shipments that have multiple stops or several delivery stops. Please be advised there are additional charges that may be assessed for multi-stop or multiple delivery stops loads. You will be advised of these charges at booking time.

Do you ship outside of the United States?
We ship to all 48 continental US states and freight originating in the US and delivering to Canada. Plus, we will gladly ship to ports, where material may be transferred to another mode of transportation and further shipped to global locations.

How big a shipment can we fit on a double-drop deck trailer?
The following are general measurements of the deck dimensions and capacity of a double drop deck trailer, and may vary slightly.
The lower deck is usually 24 inches high and 29 feet, 6 inches long. Therefore the maximum height allowable on this type of trailer is 11 feet, 6 inches. The upper front deck is 5 feet high and 10 feet long. The upper back deck is 40 inches high and 8 feet, 6 inches long.

What are multi-axle trailers?
These high weight capacity trailers are for overweight loads or freight. These trailers are available in many combinations of axles, decks, and capacities. Our heavy haul consultant will immediately know what kind of trailer and axle configuration your load will require.

What transportation services does your trucking company provide?
We offer full truckload, partial truckload, LTL motor freight, expedited freight, power only and port delivery for international deliveries. Plus all trailer types: refrigerated, dry vans, flatbed and heavy haul.

Can you provide trailers with ramps?
Yes, we can get a tractor-trailer with ramps, you must specify this when booking the trailer.
Please understand that ramps have a maximum weight rating capacity.
Therefore provide accurate freight weight.

Can your company provide RGNs and more info on RGNs?
RGNs are primarily for wheeled equipment or machinery. RGNs are low to the ground and can therefore carry higher machinery. Our staff will provide all information regarding the Removable Goose Neck’s weight capacity and loading capabilities.
You must provide accurate weight and dimensions of the machinery or equipment.

Flatbed Trucking Load Securement?
Various devices ranging from straps to heavy duty chains are used to secure flatbed freight. To protect freight from chaffing damage by straps: Vee Boards, Strap Guards, Corner Guards, Cargo Guards or corner protectors are used.
At flatbed trailer booking time please notify us that strap protection will be required for the load.

Does your company provide crating services?
The driver or our company does not provide crating services. However, when you call us we will advise you as to the best possible solutions.

We are shipping expensive equipment and we may need additional insurance, what can you do?
Yes, we can always get supplemental insurance. At trailer booking time our freight consultants always ask for the value of the freight and recommend an appropriate insurance coverage option if required.

Can your company provide heavy duty forklift services?
The driver or we do not provide heavy duty forklift services. However, when you call us we will advise you as to the best possible solutions.

Does your company provide a Landol (traveling axle) type of trailer?
Yes we can, however, we must know this in advance at booking time.
These types of trailers are not so common, but are available with advance notice.

We need a Conestoga or Curtain Van trailer, can you provide this type of trailer?
Yes, we can get a Conestoga or Curtain Van trailer, you must specify this when booking the trailer and tell us the exact length, width and height of the freight.

Our freight specialist will explain the difference between Curtain Van and Conestoga trailer at booking time.

Flatbed Trailer Selection

  • Conestoga (for additional freight protection)
  • Double Drop or Lowbed – ie: Murray Trailer
  • Extendable Flatbeds
  • Flatbed 48′ or 53′
  • RGN (Removable GooseNeck)
  • Specialized Multi-Axle Trailers for Heavy Haul
  • Step Deck
  • Stretch Double-Drop
  • Stretch RGN

If you are a newbie or not so frequent flatbed tractor trailer shipper here are some tips we would like to offer you to make your shipping experience with Great Western Transportation the best possible and ensuring your shipment is within your budget and that you receive the best possible service.

Always Consider Packaging, Crating or Palletizing
Great Western Transportation picks up and delivers to all commercial addresses, however, your boxes should be palletized, crates should be fork-lift-able, or packaging must be appropriate for flatbed transport. Utilize shrink-wrapping when appropriate. In the case of bulky machinery, there may be a need for heavy duty fork lift service, crane or complete rigging services. Allow for ample time in advance to book any additional services required for your shipment.

Cold Weather Issues When Shipping Machinery
When shipping machinery or parts during the winter months or through freezing weather regions, note that there are special weather-proofing steps to take if the machinery has water or other liquid that can freeze in it. If a flatbed type of trailer is utilized, the freight may have to be shrink wrapped for added protection from road debris, grime and moisture. Additionally if tarps are required, this should be noted prior to shipping.

Team Driver / Expedited
When your shipment is time critical always make sure to let your freight consultant at Great Western Transportation know in advance!
Once the shipment has been picked up, the process of getting it expedited is generally not possible. Initially you may have to pay a slightly higher rate, but this guarantees expedited service. The reason why expedited service must be noted up front is because team drivers are needed for the truck. The department of Transportation (DOT) mandates how many hours a truck driver can legally drive per day. Thus having team drivers allows for the tractor-trailer to be on the road longer versus a single driver.

Complete Shipment Details Must Be Provided:

  • Dimension Length-Width-Height
  • Weight (Total) – Always Round Up Numbers
  • Number of Pieces
  • Pickup Time and Date
  • Pickup Location
  • Contact Person
  • Office and Cell Phone Numbers
  • Delivery Location
  • Person Name
  • Office and Cell Phone Numbers
  • Other Key Information Regarding the Shipment

Flatbed Trucking Rates:

Flatbed shipping rates because of some key factors: freight weight and dimensions, the requirement for oversize or overweight permits, shortages of flatbed trailers in specific geographic areas and the need for a specific type of not so common trailer type. For rate quotes, live support and a single contact person flatbed trucking solution call now.